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Gentle Touchâ„¢ Reflexology 4 Day Workshop

Working with GTR feels very natural for me. I so resonate with the modality of healing in this way. GTR has helped and supported me as a practitioner and as a person in so many ways. I feel so much more passion in what I do for a living. I love helping others heal and move forward on the journey here on earth. Emotional balance is so important to me and I feel that is my purpose here. Helping  others on the path. I had dealt with PTSD, Anxiety, Depression. In my past, I had come to doing reflexology I believe to help other who have and are suffering from the same. This is my gift. My energy healing gifts are my way of helping others. GTR has just made myself a more loving of myself and to be grateful and blessed for all that I have and all that I am to do here on my journey.