Frequently Asked Questions

Refine List of FAQ's


What does a course involve?

What does a course cover?

Do I need to buy anything before or after a course?

Will I get course notes and when?

Can I be insured to practice after a course?

Will I get a certificate?

Do I need to bring someone with me to work with?

What should I wear?

What time do courses start?

Are you on a bus route?

If I come by taxi can you arrange a return taxi?

Do I need to bring lunch on a course?

Do I need to bring anything else?

Where can I park?

Where can I stay if the course is more than one day?

How many people are on the course?

Where are the courses held?

Is Gentle Touch ™ Reflexology the same as all other types of reflexology (is all reflexology the same?)

Can I learn reflexology myself?


What do I need to bring for treatments?

How do I pay for my treatment?

What should I wear?

What results can I expect?

Where do I come to and what is it like?

What happens if I am running late for my treatment, can I still come?

How early should I arrive for my treatment?

Who will do my treatment?

How long does a treatment / consultation last?

Is reflexology ticklish?

Can children have reflexology?

Do you have wheelchair access?

Do ear candles hurt?

Is what we discuss kept private

How often should I have a treatment?

Do I have to come back?

How do I book?

What if I have to cancel?

How much does a treatment cost?

What qualifications and experience do you have?

Are there any reasons or times when it is not a good idea to have a treatment?

Do I need to tell you what is wrong before you treat me?

Can I learn more about Gentle Touch Reflexology anywhere?

Can anyone do reflexology?

How will I feel after my treatment?

Can another member of my family wait for me while I have my treatment?

If I am not sure which treatment I would like, can I still book to see you?

Products & Delivery

Once I have placed my order when can expect to receive it?

What currency do you accept?

How do I know how much the delivery charge will be?

Do you have a returns policy?

Can I place an order but have is delivered to a different address?

Can I have the book I have ordered signed?

How do I know which product is the best one for me?

Website & General

How will I know that my booking has been successful?

How will I know where to go for the course/ treatment or workshop??

What information will I receive after booking or ordering?

What happens if I do not find my ‘after booking’ email confirmation?

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