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EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

1 Hour


EFT is a wonderful treatment to help you in all kinds of ways. It is marvellous therapy that may release old negative patterns of behaviour, take the trauma out of memories and help you move forward in the way that you wish to.

EFT is based on the discovery that past emotional experiences and memories sometimes “lock” tension and blocks into your energy system and these disturbances may create havoc in your current life. These disruptions may manifest themselves in many different ways and EFT is a simple way of tapping these blocks and disturbances out of your system. Once the pattern, memory, belief or habit is released, then you are able to move on with your life in a new way. People may find the results to be amazing and surprising. 

EFT may be useful for anyone who:-
  • wants to have more confidence
  • has a desire to feel better
  • has a desire to remove a phobia of creepy crawlies, heights, small spaces etc
  • wants to cope better
  • wants to change negative behaviour.

It works by gently tapping on energy meridian points on your head, face, upper body and hands. It is gentle, non-invasive and allows the body and mind to resume their natural healing abilities.
EFT aims to help you to overcome previous experiences or bad times in new ways. Bad habits may be released as new patterns of behaviour are created. 

We cannot always change what is happening in our lives however we may choose to change the way that we respond. As we let go of old ways of responding, you may then think and act differently in the future. This allows you to create endless new opportunities and ways of living in the present and your future.

EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, is fast gaining popularity and has been seen on Richard & Judy (Channel 4) Extreme Phobias (Channel 5) and Paul Mckenna (ITV) to help people overcome phobias and cravings.

What Happens in an EFT Treatment?

Initially we will have a short discussion so that I can find out a little bit about you and your presenting situation, which may be physical or emotional.  
I will invite you sit in a comfortable chair to receive your treatment and the EFT procedure will be explained to you. I will give you plenty of opportunity to ask any questions.  You can then watch me demonstrate the tapping positions to you before beginning so that you are comfortable with everything.

I will then perform a few 'rounds' of EFT on you, encouraging you to talk about the problem as we go. We will continue tapping further and involving you until relief is experienced. It is important to remember that you are in control and I am there to help you all the time.
I will also teach you the basic method to use on yourself whenever you need it.
How long does an EFT Treatment Last?

An EFT treatment includes your initial consultation and professional treatment, advice and after care. The session will last for approximately 1 hour.

Do I come to you or can I do Distance EFT?

You can work with me personally in my clinic in Loughborough or if you wish to have a distance EFT consultation (over Skype or phone) then that is fine as well.

How do I arrange a Consultation?

Press the "Book now" button to choose your time slot or to buy a session that can be redeemed over the phone.