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Maternity Reflexology - Specialist Treatment

1 Hour


Whether you are hoping to become pregnant or already are pregnant, then reflexology could be the perfect place to receive the care and support through Reflexology for you and your baby.  It has become a very popular choice for Mum’s to be and new mums.  I provide a specialist reflexology service for future Mums and Dads using specific Gentle Touch Reflexology techniques within your reflexology treatment that are adjusted to each trimester.


It can be the most lovely and useful way for you to enjoy the best possible journey towards the birth of your child. A benefit for you and your baby.  I have doing these specialist treatments for over 15 years now and know the benefit that they can offer.  Helping babies throughout their journey (also see Gentle Touch of Reflexology for Babies and Children treatments and book, The Gentle Touch of Reflexology for Babies & Children).

Maternity Reflexology

Gentle Touch Reflexology is an excellent choice to support you and your baby throughout the 9 months.

Both mother and baby can benefit from the deep relaxation experienced during and after a Reflexology treatment.

Maternity Reflexology differs slightly from 'normal' Gentle Touch Reflexology treatments in that I modify the treatment to support mother and baby, giving more attention to certain reflexes which may need 'extra' help. I also have a super special reflexology chair that can give you wonderful support and great comfort.

I am able to treat "mothers to be" throughout, including the first trimester.  My clinic room is home based and so there are no lengthy waiting room requirements. It is all very cosy and supportive within the professional surroundings of my clinic room.

There are a multitude of changes that occur in a woman’s life when they are pregnant and these can be experienced physically, emotionally or energetically. Some woman may sail through the whole thing and glow throughout, whilst other can find it more challenging. There is a so much that we can do together towards achieving a lovely relaxed and calm journey towards bringing this precious new life into the world. My role is to support you and your baby at all levels. Using specific techniques to calm, relax and balance your and your baby’s bodies whilst also providing the help, information and support based on over twenty years of working with new mums (and being one myself too!).

Please feel free to have a chat with me if you have any questions or concerns.

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