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Fantastic Feet - Foot Reading Book

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Feet are a window in to what may really be going on.

A beautiful full colour guide to understanding and learning about both foot and hand reading. Fantastic Feet includes full page colour images plus extensive diagrams, explanations and author insights. Sue’s passion for reflexology and foot reading flows through the book and makes it easy to follow and use.


I found it very easy to read a navigate through. It was easy to find what I wanted to know and to dip in and out of certain sections. Great clear pictures and easy to understand diagrams.

S Harris

"Fantastic Feet is an amazing guide on the foundations of foot reading. All content is both fascinating and easy to follow and is simply perfect for anyone interested in Reflexology or Foot Reading. This book would have been invaluable in my 3rd year University research project on the accuracy of foot reading. I am so happy that this superb book will fill a gap in the market, and will provide myself and others with a compact and superb book-bound knowledge base to refer to. I am in love with this book!" 

K David


Having attended both of Sues Foot Reading Courses, I brought her ‘Fantastic Feet’ book to use for reference and to reinforce the techniques I had been taught. I have found it invaluable as it helps you to decipher the clues that your clients feet may present. As a reflexologist, you sometimes find that your clients might hold onto information during the consultation, perhaps because they forgot to tell you, or maybe they don’t want to reveal too much about themselves, they may not think it is relevant to the treatment. By using foot reading techniques you will discover many more layers of information about your clients physical and emotional health which will enable you to conduct a much more powerful and empathic treatment.


Sue’s book is very easy to follow, with clear photos and succinct detail about the different types of feet you might encounter, giving massive insight to what is really going on inside.”

Kristina Botterill