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One to One Intensive Reflexology for Babies and Children Practitioner and Instructor Training

Availability: Internationally
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Course Length: 17 Videos

What is the Reflexology for Babies and Children Course?

This one to one intensive class is designed to equip you with all that you need to know to understand about baby and children reflexology and how to become (if desired) a baby reflexology instructor.

The course consists of pre leaing, which you complete in your own time at your own pace using the DVD's, books and tuition videos which you will be provided with. Once you have completed the pre leaing section of the course you will be required to complete a one day intensive session with Sue. Please see the 'where will this course be held' section below for more information about this one day.

This is an action packed course featuring full and detailed information on how to use reflexology for babies and children plus how to pass this knowledge on to parents and careers. This course covers a very wide range of subjects including how to work with young clients, managing expectations with full practical techniques and applications.

There are some wonderful benefits of Reflexology for both Babies and Children. More & more people are now tuing to reflexology to help their children. There is an increase usage and evidence that reflexology really works and helps children of all ages.

This intensive course covers practicalities of working with babies, children, parents and their careers. It also includes baby anatomy, legal aspects of working with children, practical and theoretical considerations as well as extensive practical techniques.

Qualified reflexologists - At the end of the course (upon successful completion of the course) you will become a Certified Baby and Child Reflexology Practitioner (CBCRP) and a Certified Baby and Child Reflexology Instructor (CPCRI).

Anyone interested in reflexology but not qualified - At the end of the course (upone successful completion of the course) you will become a Certified Baby and Child Reflexology Instructor (CPCRI).

The course is a one to one intensive course with required pre leaing however there is a 4 day in person group training option available too.


Sue's Reasons for this course

I have been fortunate enough to be treating babies & children for over 26 years & I have found it to be enormously rewarding. I'll be sharing information about my work with all types of children & situations. This includes my work in various hospitals including neo-natal critical care units (NICU).

It is Perfect for:-

  • Anyone wishes to become a baby reflexology teacher for parents
  • Anyone who wishes to know more about using Reflexology for Babies and Children
  • Reflexologists with an interest in working with Younger Clients
  • Students wishing to gain practical knowledge of working with Babies and Children
  • Anyone who is unable to attend the 4 day course in person


What Will I Lea?

The workshop includes: -

A full Baby and Child Reflexology routine and techniques
Comprehensive information on how to treat Babies and Children
Understanding the best way to introduce Children to the benefits of Reflexology
Results of recent case studies
When to offer treatments and when not to
 Professional competency
How to create the best atmosphere for Babies and Children
Additional information regarding the health and well-being of Babies and Children
Student practical work
Energy & chakra work specifically relating to young children
How to teach parents how to do reflexology on their child
Running a baby reflexology
Initially this course starts with what is baby and child reflexology? It covers when and how to use it, progresses through a series of steps of information, awareness, practical skills and techniques until you have a detailed and thorough knowledge of the Gentle Touch of Reflexology for Babies and Children. We go through how to work with tiny tots, babies and into working with teenagers and all the stress they can experience. We will then cover working with parents and professionals and making the most if these relationships.  Additionally we go through the meaning of certain types of illness and disease states plus emotional conditions. 

Various other subjects are introduced including energy, chakras, foot reading and stress management plus life advice techniques and information.

The final important section of the course is all focused on how to run a baby reflexology class for parents and how to make that an effective and valuable tool (or business opportunity) if desired.

You will be provided with notes to support this course.

You will recieve all of the below items throughout the course to assist you. If you live outside the UK you will recieve access to the online versions of the Books and DVD's.


Where will the Course be Held?

This course in held in the comfort of your own home where you can work at your own pace completing the pre leaing section. Once this is completed you are invited to attend your personal one to one 1 day intensive session with Sue as required as part of this course certification. This intensive day can be arranged to be completed in Loughborough in Sue's school or for when Sue is booked/arrange to be in your area/country, or you may choose to arrange it to personally fit in around your schedule or study requirements. If Sue is already booked/arranged to be in your area or country, all you need to do is get yourself to wherever she booked/arranged to be.

Message from Sue

Number one, I am a Mum! I have two fabulous boys and two gorgeous grandsons. I know how superb these treatments have been for my family, friends and clients. I feel honoured to share these gifts with others who are also keen to know more. It is incredible what a few knowledgeable and careful elements of touch can bring to our little ones.” 

I hope to share as much of my experience, appreciation and understanding of the best ways to work with our next generation. A course packed full of useful information that I have gathered over the years. Prepare for fun and leaing!

Are there any other options?

I also run a 2 day reflexology for babies and children course



Recent Comments following the Reflexology for Babies and Children Workshop

"Sue is a warm and inspiring teacher who fired me with enthusiasm to practise gentle touch reflexology. Can't wait for my next course with her!"

Judith Humphreys Source Title

"After attending Sue Ricks's course on Reflexology for Babies and Children, I was lucky to treat a 5 year old girl whose constipation had got so bad she was on a lot of medication.  After each reflexology session, things 'moved' between two and ten hours later.  Her mother was so delighted with reflexology that her daughter is now having regular maintenance treatments so that the medication is no longer required."

Philippa French Source Title

"I liked your pacing, your emphasis on real-life anecdotes and the accessibility of your course.  Quite often, you are overwhelmed by the flood of information on a course. Yours was intensely practical and gave us techniques and tips that are relevant in a wide range of situations. I look forward to seeing a baby and a young boy this week to try out some of your suggestions. I warmly recommend this course to other groups."

Richard Evans Source Title

"I found it very informative I liked the pace and the overall content including the stories and results of your work on both sides of the Atlantic."

Diane HumphreysSource Title

"Thank you for another lovely presentation. I mentioned before you started how much I enjoyed your previous work with our group and that I was so looking forward to the "Babies and Children"- well you delivered!! You’re enthusiastic yet relaxed style makes leaing easy and a pleasure. Thank you for the manual, I will enjoy that together with the "Three Steps to Enjoying Life" book and the numerous postcards."

Catherine DavisSource Title

"Everyone enjoyed it and leat a lot from you. You have the unique ability to make everything appear and sound simple and enjoyable. So many tutors get a bit bogged down with the technicalities of everything they make it seem much more complicated than it needs to be.  Once again - thank you for your professionalism, enthusiasm (which is very contagious) and knowledge that you bring to every workshop we do with you."

Sheila Heywood Source Title

We always know, with certainty, that any day spent with you is going to be inspirational, illuminating and fun as well as an opportunity to lea new skills!  Saturday was another hugely enjoyable day and it served to give me confidence to extend my work with mothers and their babies and for that I thank you. One of the newer members was delighted at the certificate you gave us as she said most of them were so unattractive they ended up in a drawer, so she was going home to find it a worthy place in her room.  Mine is already up!"