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Hot Stone Reflexology

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What is this Hot Stone Reflexology Course?

Hot Stone ReflexologyThis is a one day course on using the increasingly popular hot stone therapy in reflexology.  

Learn how to do this very popular treatment option which combines the use of hot stone therapy with reflexology. The stones can be used incredibly effectively on both hands and the feet to provide a very soothing, relaxing and effective treatment.

This hot stones reflexology course gives you the opportunity to learn how to prepare, use and care for you and your client. We have a small class size (maximum six) so that everyone gets chance to have individual and personal attention in order to ensure full understanding and guidance throughout the training.  You will experience the effect of the stones yourself and learn how to use them properly, safely and to maximum benefit for your client.

You will be able to evaluate the use of both the new Vulsini bags for heating the stones and also the traditional water heater method of warming the stones. The Vulsini bag is ideal if you intend to go mobile or take your stones preheated to a salon of clinic.

The stones used are both warm and cool stones and the use of either or both alternating temperatures can quickly and effectively open up energy and reflex pathways with minimal pressure or work required by the practitioner.  In line with our other Gentle Touch Reflexology courses this method of treatment works extremely lightly and effectively, whilst inducing deep relaxation, balance and also rejuvenation.

It is perfect for:-

  • Any reflexologist who is interested in using hot & cold stones
  • Reflexologists wanting to extend the range of treatments available to their clients
  • Clinic and Spa personnel who already use reflexology and hot stones and want to combine the two
  • Mobile reflexologists who want to be able to use Hot Stone Reflexology

What will I learn?

  • History of how stones have been used for therapeutic purposes
  • Suitable stones for Hot stone reflexology
  • Benefit of Hot Stone Reflexology for  to the client and the practitioner
  • How to prepare the stones
  • Correct use and management of the stones
  • How they work
  • Proper handling techniques
  • Hot vs Cold stones usage
  • Stones sizes for special uses
  • The effects of using stones
  • Which reflex points on hands and feet to use
  • Hot Stone Reflex massage techniques
  • Energy and vibrational healing including meridians and chakra work
  • Reflexology and hot stone combination treatments.
  • Contra-indications and contra- actions
  • Methods for heating stones including temperature control
  • After care
  • Stone cleansing, care and storage.
  • Health and safety

Sue Ricks - Hot Stone Reflexology

Pre Requisites for this course

In line with professional bodies and insurance companies to attend this course you must have training in reflexology including anatomy and physiology (A&P).

Where will the course be held?

The course will be held in Loughborough, Leicestershire, East Midlands at the Sue Ricks School of Complementary Therapies LE11 4PR.

Will I get a certificate?

All participants who attend and are able to demonstrate correct and approved technical and practical application of a professional Hot Stone Reflexology Course will be awarded a Diploma in Hot Stone Reflexology that they can present to their current professional body and insurance company for registration and insurance purposes. 

This is a CPD course


All equipment for the practical sessions will be provided for your use. You will be provided information on where to buy your own equipment and stones as part of the course. You will also be advised on what is (and is not) necessary

Course notes

Your full course notes will be available to you on line after the course.


Recent participants comments (April 2013)

" I did not think it would feel this good"

" this is ace"

" my clients are going to love this - I cannot wait to get started"