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Reiki Master / Teacher Workshop

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Full Reiki Master and Teacher Training Course.

What is a Reiki Master/Teacher Course?

This Course provides in depth understanding of being a Reiki Master, the opportunities, responsibilities and progression gained through the Master Process.

This Course is designed to build on the knowledge and experiences that you had with your 1st and 2nd Degrees.

This workshop is designed for you, in a manner that enables a personal approach to be provided. During the two days we will be covering the Master Attunements and learning all about the Master Symbols and their uses. You will also have the opportunity to consolidate and reinforce the principles of both Reiki 1st and 2nd Degrees.

Reiki Symbol - Reiki Master

Having completed the Master Training, the new Reiki Master can attune other people to Reiki and teach the three degrees of Reiki.

The principles of becoming a Master Teacher are explained and demonstrated. There is also an opportunity for teaching practice with Sue Ricks whilst being supported through the Master Process.



It is Perfect for:-

  • Anyone who has completed the Reiki level 2 Course and has become a Reiki Practitioner
  • Any Reiki Practitioner who wishes to become a Reiki Master
  • Any Practitioner who would like to learn how to help others to gain access to the marvels of Reiki
  • Someone who has completed their 1st and 2nd Degrees and feels able to consider the responsibilities of teaching Reiki to students
  • Anyone who thinks that they are ready to invest their new found knowledge of Reiki with themselves and others
  • Those with a belief and passion in Reiki
  • Anyone ready for a continued life of learning

What Will I learn?

  • Understanding the responsibilities of being a Reiki Master
  • Appreciating the power and potential of the Master Energy
  • The Master Symbols and how to use them
  • Many varied Energy Exercises and Techniques
  • Learning and understanding the Attunement Process
  • How to teach and pass on the Reiki Attunements and Workshops (for those who wish to continue into teaching)
  • Learning about how to support Reiki participants on their Reiki Journey

You will spend two days on the course where you will receive your Reiki Master Attunement, learn the Symbols and their uses, plus learn the potential of what being a Reiki Master involves.

You will cover the details of how to set up and run Reiki workshops, and how to pass on Attunements(if you wish to). We will also be covering a variety of Energy Techniques, Healing and Personal Development Principles and Methods. This workshop is for anyone who has a real desire to work with the Master Energy (for either their own personal use or to pass onto others).

You will also be offered the opportunity to attend a Reiki 1st Degree course in order to practice the passing on of Attunements where you will have the opportunity to learn more about actually running your own workshops. As a Reiki Master Teacher, I consider that this is necessary in order to be able to put theoretical knowledge into practice. Hopefully this will make it easier to run your own Courses or Workshops.

Some people choose to become Reiki Masters, just for themselves, and may not wish to pass on Attunements.

Some people know that they would like to become a Reiki Master and experience the Master Energy, whilst knowing that sometime in the future they may wish to undertake the passing on of Attunements (but not now).

Others know that the time is right to become a Reiki Master and begin learning how to become a Reiki Master Teacher.

All options are valid and each person may make their own decisions. The Reiki Master Course can be experienced accordingly. In all cases as a Reiki Master/Teacher I will provide the appropriate tuition and guidance as necessary. Becoming a Reiki Master is a Journey.