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Hand Reflexology

Not Available Right Now

This course is bookable on request, please contact us at with prefered dates.


Learn all about Hand Reflexology and how to do Hand Reflexology Treatments

What is a Hand Reflexology Workshop?

Hand Reflexology is an invaluable tool for anyone to use. It is ideal for both personal use and also for clients. Reflex points can be found in the hand as well as in the foot. Skillfully and knowledgably working the reflex points in the hand can help people to overcome a wide variety of problems, ailment and discomforts.
Reflexologists may use the reflex points found in your feet or hands. This course is specifically designed for those who want to know more about Hand Reflexology.

It is Perfect for:-

  • Any Reflexologist who wishes to do more Hand Reflexology treatments
  • Anyone who wants to know more about how Hand Reflexology works
  • Those who wish to know more about the Gentle Touch of Reflexology for hands

What will I Learn?

The whole day is dedicated to the powers and principles of working the reflex points on hands.
We will be covering:
  • Principles and practice.
  • Hand treatment routines.
  • Reflex points in hands -vs- feet.
  • The power and significance of hands.
  • The energy relating to hands and how this links into our energy (chakra) system.
  • How to do a Hand Reflexology treatment.
  • Different ways to do hand treatments.
  • The safety and comfort for a Practitioner and Client.
  • Sensitivity and contraindications.
  • A whole day "handling" new skills.
This course is an ideal refresher for those feeling a little rusty in their Hand Reflexology skills or how to do a Hand Treatment. The course includes both practical and theoretical work.

You will be provided with notes to support this course. These notes will be available to you on after the course.

Where will the Course be Held?

The Hand Reflexology courses are currently held in Loughborough, Leicestershire (UK) and Kentucky/Ohio/New York (USA). There are additional Hand Reflexology Training Courses with Sue Ricks that are being hosted by other Schools and Organisations. Please email for further information.

How Many AoR CPD Points can I Earn?

This course qualifies for 6 AoR CPD points.


"I 'tried out' some of Sue's hand reflexology techniques on an elderly friend as soon as I returned from the Reflexology in Retirement course on Wednesday and the results were amazing.  He was staggered by how powerful the physical and spiritual connection was between us.  The next day he told me he'd had the best night's sleep in months.  So I decided I'd like to come for a full day course and learn even more - I'm now booked for next Friday!  My dear friend was so delighted (as he knows he'll benefit!) that he's now given me a cheque for half the costs of the course.  I'm so blessed to have the support of friends, tutors, and clients.

I really enjoyed the hand reflexology day.  I tried it out on my elderly friend who helped me pay for the course and he was so impressed that he's paid upfront for another four treatments, plus paid for a neighbour to have a treatment, too!"

FT, Peterborough