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NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) 2 Day Introductory Certificate

Not Available Right Now
This course is bookable on request, please contact us at with preferred dates.

A two day Workshop on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).  A Two Day Course of life enhancing techniques.

What is an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Course?

NEURO - The relationship between mind and body.
LINGUISTIC - The language we use to make sense of life experiences.
PROGRAMMING - The sequences that repeat patterns of thought and behaviour that can hinder or help us.

NLP is the study of human excellence and has been referred to as the New Science of Achievement due to its fast and effective results. It is the ultimate tool in business and personal development and works by modelling the success patterns of those who excel in any area of life.
This includes:-

  • Business
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Communication
  • Personal Relationships.

Pioneers in the field of NLP have identified the key factors that can lead to success and fulfilment. By learning about these key factors and using the tools and techniques of NLP you will be able to discover the difference for yourself.


It is Perfect for:-

  • Anyone who wants to explore the world of NLP.
  • Those who wish to have more effective communication skills.
  • Anyone who feels they are under achieving.
  • Those who wish to understand themselves and others more effectively.
  • Anyone who would like to handle criticism more constructively.
  • Anyone wishing to boost their self esteem.
  • Learn how to cope with stresses and strain.

What Will I Learn?

This comprehensive course offers learning opportunities in:

  • Understanding and appreciating the power of NLP
  • Becoming a more effective communicator with your partner / children / colleagues and friends
  • Understanding how your mind works
  • How to utilise your mind more effectively, giving you more control over how you feel
  • Being able to choose how you feel rather than being the victim of events & circumstances
  • Establishing rapport - one of the keys to effective communication
  • Learning how to tap into your hidden potential
  • Equipping you with a set of tools and techniques you can apply within your life that will change the results you experience dramatically

"NLP aids positive thinking and the way you protect yourself, amongst other benefits. Once learnt, these techniques form a lifelong skill which can become part of your lifestyle"
The Daily Mirror

This course provides skills for a lifetime!

You will be provided with some extensive notes to support this course. These notes will be available to you on after the course.

Where Will the Course be Held?

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Course is currently held in Loughborough, Leicestershire (UK) and Kentucky/Ohio/New York (USA). There are additional NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Courses with Sue Ricks that are being hosted by other Schools and Organisations. Please email for further information.


About Your Tutor

Sue Ricks, Cert Ed, Master NLP Practitioner, FAoR, MBRCP

Sue Ricks is a Master NLP Practitioner, lectures in NLP and uses the skills in her Complementary Therapy Clinic. Sue also introduces all her students to quick and easy ways to help themselves and their clients.

Sue is the Principal of the Sue Ricks School of Complementary Therapies. Sue became increasingly interested in the links with how people think about their health and decided to enhance what could be offered to her clients and students. Sue Ricks has had extensive training and experience working with Dr Richard Bandler, who formed the Society of NLP in 1979.

How Many AoR CPD Points Can I Earn?

This course qualifies for 12 AoR CPD points.