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Alpha Stim Treatment

Information For Rental or purchase, please contact the office, For More infomation see the Alpha Stim Website. ... Read More

Book Writing and Publishing - Mentoring and Support

Description If you are writing, or intending to write, a book and would like help, guidance, support or mentoring; come along and we can work... Read More

Ear Candle Therapy (known as Hopi Ear Candling)

What is Ear Candle Therapy? Ear Candle Therapy is a simple treatment that is suitable for adults and children. It is a natural an... Read More

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

Description EFT is a wonderful treatment to help you in all kinds of ways. It is marvellous therapy that may release old negative patt... Read More

Gentle Touch Reflexology

Description Gentle Touch ™ Reflexology is a beautiful, soothing and sought after treatment of Reflexology where a very light touch is... Read More

Hand Reflexology - Gentle Touch Reflexology

Hand in Reflexology – Gentle Touch Reflexology Experience Gentle Touch Reflexology via the reflex points in your hands. This is a wond... Read More

Hot Stone Reflexology with Gentle Touchâ„¢ Reflexology

Description Combining Gentle Touch Reflexology with Hot Stone Reflexology is a delightful way of adding a little valuable extra treat for y... Read More

Life Skills and Coaching

Description I offer a session if there is an area of your life where you feel or know that it could be easier. Each person has their own uniq... Read More

Maternity Reflexology - Specialist Treatment

Description Whether you are hoping to become pregnant or already are pregnant, then reflexology could be the perfect place to receive the... Read More

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Consultation

  What is NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) ? NEURO - The relationship between mind and body. LINGUISTIC - The language we use to... Read More

Reflexology for Babies and Children

Description The loving touch of Gentle Touch ™ Reflexology communicates care, love and a sense of ‘being there‘ for Babie... Read More

Reflexology for Babies and Children - Skype Call

Reflexology for Babies and Children Experience the benefits of learning more about how to treat babies and children by receiving 1:1 advice a... Read More

Reflexology Support and Understanding - Advice and Guidance

Telephone or Skype call help with Reflexology understanding, practice or course work - 15 Minutes Description Do any of these apply to you... Read More

Reiki Treatment

Reiki may be excellent for your whole well-being. What is Reiki? Reiki is becoming very popular as many people experience it and find i... Read More

Restorative Reflexology with Structural Reflexology

Description: I am now offering an excellent way of using reflexology called Restorative Reflexology in addition to Structural Reflexology i... Read More