I have made this wonderful course available again to complete online.

This course gives you the opportunity to learn the popular and very gentle approaches to helping people via Reflexology and EFT. The Gentle Touch Reflexology (GTR) with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) course is specifically designed for those who are interested in learning Gentle Touch Reflexology for friends, family or adding to an existing Reflexology qualification, and Emotional Freedom Technique to help people to overcome their life issues.

It is ideal for those who like to help others through a variety of methods. Using the combination of GTR and EFT is an incredibly potent way to help people feel better and move on with their lives.  This course suits anyone who has already trained in reflexology and now wants to know more about the emotional. vibrational or energetic side of reflexology.  It is also ideal for anyone who finds the practice of reflexology hard or painful and is ready to learn a more subtle and immensely effective way of using and applying reflexology,  It is also ideal for anyone wanting to know more as a general interest course.

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