It is so delightful to receive a Gentle Touch Reflexology session.

Such heavenly touch and I am so grateful to have experienced it myself today… I just love it all!!

I also love the simplest of techniques that make such a difference….the heel hold…. done with both feet at the same time.

The heal hold is a technique that is sometimes neglected, however, it is so, so easy and helpful to help keep people grounded. As a practitioner, you need to ensure that you, yourself is grounded, loving where you are and in your own place and space before you start. You get your hands around the heels without the person receiving the treatment feeling the need to lift their feet and gently hold. It is so gorgeous to be on the receiving end. I am really thankful.

GTR rocks!

You can find a demonstration video on the Sue Ricks Academy too, by Clicking Here!