When we are talking about hand reflexology, one of the joys of it is that it is so accessible. We have got these wonderful appendages called hands, and they are incredibly easy to access.

There are many reflex points on the toes and feet that can be found on the fingers and hands, so there are sometimes accessing the hand reflex’s makes it even easier to work the reflex points.

One of the things that is different is the fact that on your hands you have got the sinus reflex’s at the tips of each finger, and you work/drain all the way down the fingers, whereas the toes, are shorter so some areas are easier to access on the hands such as anything head based as all of your fingers relate to your head. You have reflex points for sinuses, teeth, ears etc. and the locations on the reflex points are easier to find, locate and access than the ones on the feet.

You may also want to do hand reflexology for those who don’t like their feet being touched, as an alternative. Some people wouldn’t even want you to see their feet let alone touch them, so this is a great option for them.

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