Your mindset and attitude affect everything that you do in your life, be positive, think positive and the effect this mindset has on your life, from your social relationships to your health can have amazing results. You will often hear me use the phrase ‘energy follows thought’. The way we choose to think, positive or negative has a definite impact on what happens to us and it is mirrored in everything that we do. Think positively and positive things will happen, think negatively, and, you’ve guessed it, negative things happen.

So let’s play a little game and have some fun with this concept!

Take control of how you would like your day to turn out and make it happen. Remember, think positively and good things will happen and come your way. Be mindful, become aware of what you are thinking about and shift any negative thoughts out of the way, make a mental note of all things that bring a smile to your face and focus on them, watch how your mood lifts and how you start to attract good things into your day.  When we really recognise and accept that we can change things then miraculous changes really do happen.

Smile, it will lift your mood and make you feel good, even if you don’t always feel like smiling, it fools the brain into thinking that you are happy. If, behind your mask, you can sense that someone isn’t smiling, smile and give them yours. Not only will it make you happy, but you might also alter someone else’s day by making them smile, turning a negative into a positive for someone else too. Now, doesn’t that make you feel good? Go on, give it a go! Remember, energy follows thought, so make it a happy, smiley day.

Love, Sue