Solar Plexus – calming for babies

  • A super gentle touch to this area of the foot/hand can be calming. Give it a go and feel how lovely it feels

Busy mum? – give reflexology a go for you and your baby – Gentle Touch Reflexology

  • Sometimes life just gets too much, and it is tough to know where to turn and how to stop the treadmill of duties. Give yourself a treat and learn how to help you and your child with some beautiful techniques. Simple steps to calm and support.

Middle of the night help – settle a fractious baby with Gentle Touch Reflexology

  • Step one, Breathe and settle as deeply as you can
  • Step two, ever so gently stroke your child’s foot
  • Step three, gently soothe down the inside of their foot. Stay calm and gentle. Let go if you feel wound up or anxious and give it a go another day instead

Always be prepared to adapt your treatment when working with babies and children – follow their lead. If they seem to like you touching their feet or hands carry on and if they are lulling away or doesn’t receptive, leave it for today. If they like it, carry on – if they don’t – stop. Everyone benefits that way.

Gentle Touch Baby Reflexology Instructors using their know-how. Would you like to help other parents learn more?

  • Instructors of Baby Reflexology teach parents to use basic reflexology techniques and how to be okay to give these techniques in the best ways possible. Instructors get support from me all the way.

Colic calming – use a soothing touch on babies foot or hand/ Follow the line you see here (bowel sweep)

  • Gently touch, breathe and stay calm and relaxed. Let nature takes its course!

Make the most of tiny moments – you only get this time once with your child. So often we miss what is right there in front of us. Stop, notice and appreciate (if you can). Reach out for support if you need assistance.

A badge of honour – being a parent and there is no manual

  • It is all trial and error – remember how well you have done. Look for the little things that make you smile.

Remember the bubble – if you have gone to a gentle touch reflexology class you will know this one!

  • Stay in your own energies and prevent getting too swayed by others issues and energy swings. Imagine you are in a bubble and let others e who that is (full version on the sue ricks academy and baby reflexology course and DVDs)

Smile – it’s infectious! Give someone a smile today and watch it spread! Pass it on!

  • I remember playing this in the airport when I was about to fly to New York and the tannoy had announced delays. Everyone’s energy dropped so I decided to see what happened when I smiled when I made eye contact with people. It was amazing and an experience I will always remember.

“We were at our friends for Sunday lunch when my son was just a weeks old. He cried constantly and nothing we did seemed to help. A few minutes of reflexology from our friend worked wonders. I have never seen him relax so quickly and before you knew it – he was asleep. It seemed miraculous to me”! Rod

  • Sometimes it can be infuriating if your baby is crying and then you pass the baby to someone else and the baby instantly calms – as happened on this occasion! It was a delight to see this lovely baby relax and fall asleep in my arms and yet sometime later I was able to teach the parents how to settle themselves too and so the same. They have now taught other people too so the messages are being shared.

Baby and child reflexology

  • Calming and relaxing
  • Can aid restful sleep
  • Helps boost their immune systems
  • And it is lovely to give and receive too!

When to give some delightful gentle touch of reflexology?

  • Whenever it works for you
  • Bath time
  • Bedtime
  • When they cry – but only if you can be calm and settled yourself
  • Anytime you want
  • If they like it – do it – if they don’t, stop or pause
  • Reflexology with a loving touch