One of the most important things in life is to stay grounded and to be in the best state possible regardless of how tough the situation is or what is happening to you personally. The Pyramid Safety Technique is perfect for helping to get life into balance and get yourself in the best possible state and place in order to really be there for yourself and your loved ones.

Have you ever had a time where you have been overthinking things? When you overthink things it can make you all het up and you may want to calm down? Once you calm down things are a lot better.

So, if we think about ourselves as being a pyramid, we have one head and 2 legs and that creates a pyramid shape.

Your head is at the top and the legs are at the bottom. When we keep the focus at the bottom of the pyramid that is the idea of when we feel strong, safe and grounded. For anyone that is going out and about to meetings and appointments, this can be really useful. It is also great for times when family life is challenging or if you feel overwhelmed. A useful life tool!

There are a lot of people that will spend much time seated due to the work that they do e.g., sat at an office desk for many hours a day. As you take a seat you can focus on ways to keep strong and safe. As you sit down you can be aware of the fact that you are sitting. A great question to ask yourself is “am I sitting down?” and as you ask yourself that question your brain has to answer it.

You can find out more information about the Pyramid Safety Technique over on the Sue Ricks Academy!