Now that the first week back at work is almost complete, how are you feeling? 👣💜

Julianne, one of Sue’s students who qualified with Sue just before the pandemic, has put together some helpful hints & tips that she has recently found useful. Julianne has kindly written this, especially for the Sue Ricks Academy.

The article will be available to read in full by clicking here and then subscribing to the Sue Ricks Academy.

In the meantime here is a little Clinic Checklist from Julianne’s article:

✅ Have a list of COVID-19 related questions to ask clients ahead of their appointment.

✅ Create a checklist of things that you need to clean & disinfect between each client.

✅ Have a list of things to ask or highlight to your clients before their appointment.

✅ Think about all of the things you can do to reduce risks.

✅ Think about YOU!

✅ Create a new COVID-19 specific policy.

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