Those of us that know about it, use it and experience it, know how beautiful it is and yet others doubt it can really
do anything!

Some commonly heard questions that I hear about Gentle Touch Reflexology: –

  • How can it work if it’s so gentle?
  • Does it get the same results as regular reflexology?
  • How gentle is it really?
  • Does it tickle?
  • Can a GTR practitioner really feel what is wrong if they are working so lightly?
  • Why don’t you use more pressure?
  • Will it help my thumbs that hurt to use regular reflexology?
  • Will I get still get results if I incorporate GTR?

Let’s take them one by one!

1) Q – How can it work if it’s so gentle?

A – One of the reasons why it is so successful is exactly because no force is used. Therefore, we as practitioners are supporting the innate ability of the client to accomplish and achieve their own healing. It is the client who receives from a place of offering. The touch is very light, vibrational and gentle and so the touch applied to the reflex points acts as a reminder to the client and their body to focus their healing potential in such a way as to support their own inner healing. We act as present and loving empowers.

It works for the very reason that it’s gentle. We offer gentle support, encouragement and a loving skilled touch that means that we are not forcing the client or their body in any way. This is about giving them a place and space for their own inner healing potentiality to be accessed. Using guiding and flowing finger and thumb movements on either the hands or feet creates an amazing potential for client’s friends and family. All ages love Gentle Touch Reflexology. 

2) Q – Does it get the same results as regular reflexology?

A – Yes! And some superbly different ones as well! Gentle Touch Reflexology really is an approach that makes a difference on the physical, emotional and energetic aspects of life and numerous highly skilled Reflexologists have found that they can feel way more using GTR than they could using their previous approach.

The results of GTR are far reaching and can be quite exceptional. Luckily there is a form of reflexology for everyone. Some people like deep pressure and some prefer a gentler approach. What is interesting to me is that when a practitioner tries it who believes it isn’t for them (because they like it heavier) they are surprised at what they can feel and it’s positive aftereffects.

3) Q – How gentle is it really?

A – The pressure really is more appropriately described as a level of touch because there is minimal pressure and definitely a loving touch.

It’s difficult for people to know how gentle is gentle, however when people have watched my DVD or seen me doing GTR
on-line, and then when they experience it for themselves they routinely say that it’s even more gentle than they’d expected.

The best way to know how gentle it is, is to get the opportunity to experience it, however watching it being done online or over a DVD will give a real idea of how gentle it is (and maybe even lighter too).

The ideas and philosophy behind it are the key components too and these are about ensuring there is no force applied, simply offerings with Reflexology knowledge and life and loves intensions.

The prior learnings on a GTR course surprise some students however they underpin the whole methodology behind GTR.  Everything is fully explained on our courses and also on my Sue Ricks Academy.

Traditional Reflexologists have found it helpful to watch online techniques and add these to their existing routines. They’ve also found great value in using their existing routines, just working much lighter.  You can watch on You Tube, my DVDs on my website or Amazon and via the Sue Ricks Academy where there’s a huge bank of training and support information.

4) Q – Does it tickle?

A – no!

This surprises many as they expect it will tickle however it’s an experience like no other. I’ve conducted 1000’s of Gentle Touch Reflexology sessions and I’ve never had a client find it ticklish although many expect it to be. Luckily the way the techniques are applied mean that it’s wonderful to receive and beautiful to do as well.

5) Q – Can a GTR practitioner really feel what’s wrong if they are working so lightly?

A – absolutely! There’s a real quality of touch and sense when you aren’t using so much pressure. The sensations, information and awareness gleaned by working the GTR way means that a huge amount of information can be gained by working so lightly.

Example – press your thumb into your arm (about 3″ /8cm up from your wrist), then release, wait a short while (while your thumb recovers), move to a slightly different place and begin again to gently sense into your arm. Really feel the layers you are moving through. You are likely to feel the texture of the tissue, the warmth and down to the bone. In both cases you feel the bone however if you work much lighter and with more awareness as you move, you will pick up more information.

When I teach qualified reflexologists how to do GTR it is so rewarding to watch them experience the reality of how profound it is. They tell me they can feel more, are able to pick up more than they could before and that it’s been a revelation. It’s only when people really experience it, that the mastery reveals itself.

6) Q – why don’t you use more pressure?

A – because it’s not necessary! When we get the results that we get by using such a Gentle Touch, then there is no reason to work more heavily. New research and data is showing how the subtle fascia communication and subtle touch is a hugely untapped way of communications within the person and their body. Everything in the universe is made of energy. When scientists began to recognize that everything in the Universe is made out of energy then quantum physicists discovered that physical atoms are made up of vortices of energy.  These are constantly spinning and vibrating with each one radiating its own unique energy signature. The subtle vibrations carry the information and so deeper pressure is not required in GTR.

7) Q – will it help my thumbs that hurt to use regular reflexology?

A – yes!

Luckily the Gentle Touch Reflexology practitioner gains as much as the client. This is because it is not only delightful to do, it is also extremely kind to their hands, thumbs and wrists. Over the years I’ve sadly seen, met and heard from enormous numbers of Reflexologists who have felt the need to quietly leave the profession because their thumbs hurt. Many believe they’ve been doing “it” wrong and that there’s something wrong with them.

Fortunately, GTR is magnificent for any reflexologist that finds doing reflexology painful because the pressure used in GTR is so subtle (and yet highly effective).

I’ve been practicing Gentle Touch Reflexology since the 1980s and have no calcium build up in my thumb joints, no discomfort, pain or swelling in my thumb and I’ve conducted 1000’s of treatment sessions. I’ve taught 1000’s of people how to do these techniques and many were once people who experienced pain in doing reflexology…. not anymore!

GTR works

GTR is hugely effective

GTR is delightful to give and receive (It doesn’t hurt either the practitioner or client)

GTR is a powerful way of offering reflexology.

8) Q – will I get still get results if I incorporate GTR?

A – Yes and more!  … see all of the above!


With love

Sue Ricks of the Sue Ricks Academy and

Founder Gentle Touch Reflexology

Master GTR reflexologist