The Sue Ricks Academy team and I have recently made a few changes to the Sue Ricks Academy subscription site.

For those that don’t know the Sue Ricks Academy is built on my 30+ years’ experience in the complementary therapy industry. I have practical experience in Reflexology and founded Gentle Touch™ Reflexology and I am a pioneer of Baby and Child Reflexology, along with Foot and Hand Reading, Feng Shui, Life Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Energy work plus many, many more! With all the practical knowledge I hold I decided to create the Sue Ricks Academy where I can share my knowledge and experience with anyone across the world. The Sue Ricks Academy consists of videos, articles, audios, excerpts from my books and DVDs that are all broken down into easy bite-size chunks that you can watch in your spare time or on the go.

What is great about the Academy is that it is not just for those in complementary therapy, there is something for everyone! There are lots of great tips and helpful information for parents and young mums to help develop their confidence. I regularly share my top business tips along with helpful and enlightening videos and audios on mind and energy topics to help with anxiety, wellness and self-care.

In recent months we have adapted the Sue Ricks Academy to help you keep track of what you have already watched, read or listened to. We have found that this is extremely helpful for those on the go as they can easily find where they left off and go back to it within seconds of logging back in. We have also added something for those within the complementary therapy industry who need to add to their Continuous Personal Development (CPD). There is now a section within your account that keeps track of the time you have been watching, reading and listening to the content on the Sue Ricks Academy, this is then converted into CPD points and certificates are also available! 

We are still looking to develop the Sue Ricks Academy further in the very near future! We are looking at ways to provide courses for our Academy members along with additional content and live videos. This is something we are very busy working on and as soon as we have developed more we will let you know! Watch this space!

Lots of Love and Best Wishes,

Sue and the Sue Ricks Academy Team