Baby Reflexology Courses in DerbyBaby reflexology courses in Derby are the path to a new career in alternative therapy. Reflexology is an old therapy that has stood the test of time as an alternative or adjunct to medicine and surgery. It’s a non-intrusive therapy that focuses on the stimulation of nerve endings covering the hands, feet, face and ears. The application of pressure around reflex points affects different organ functions and can restore balance and well-being to the body. Reflexologists rely on maps that indicate reflex points and their associated organs. Reflexology is not like massage, acupuncture or Reiki. Massage relies on manipulation of large areas of soft tissue and Reiki uses light touch and vibration. Acupuncture focuses on specific reflex points like reflexology but the points cover the entire body. Proper training and detailed reflexology courses are enough to turn you into a reflexologist.

If you are in Derby, baby reflexology courses will give you the skills you need to practice as a reflexologist. Reflexology relies on specific thumb, finger and hand techniques to exert sufficient pressure on reflex points for the desired stimulation. The benefits of reflexology are numerous. Baby reflexology enhances physiological processes and relaxes a child. Some of the complaints alleviated through reflexology include constipation, reflux, teething, nasal congestion and restlessness. Proper technique is all you need to achieve sufficient results. Sue Ricks provides some of the best baby reflexology courses with mentorship from experienced professional reflexologists. Our courses are comprehensive and practical. The courses are packaged conveniently to ensure the practice is taught comprehensively. We run one on one sessions and distance learning sessions all year round.

Sue Ricks offers world-class baby reflexology courses in Derby. Our approach to the training is practical and designed to enlighten students on all the techniques in reflexology. We cover an array of topics guaranteed to turn you into a professional. Our courses are enough to set you off on your career. Baby reflexology is particularly good for children practitioners. Contact us today and learn the art of baby reflexology. It’s a skill worth learning.