Baby Reflexology Courses in ManchesterOur one to one intensive baby reflexology courses in Manchester is designed to help instructors and practitioners understand baby and children reflexology and how to be a master in your field. Whether you are a practitioner or even a parent who wants to expand their understanding to be able to help young patients or family members, you can count on Sue Ricks to provide you with the required routines and techniques, benefits of reflexology, information regarding health and well-being of the baby and various aspects including stress, foot reading, and life advice.

The course is available to prospective students internationally, and during the class, you will receive pamphlets, books, and DVDs. In Manchester, baby reflexology courses are perfect for parents who are interested in taking care of their young offspring, reflexology students, practitioners who would like to work with a young public and anyone interested in the field of reflexology. For those who are unable to make it to the physical address, you can still follow the course online, from the comfort of your own home. You will have the chance to have a one-day intensive session with Sue Ricks, whether in the UK or your own country (when she gets there). At the end of the course, you will be provided with a certificate qualifying you as an instructor. Sue Ricks has been working with babies and children for more than 26 years all over the world and her years in the field make her a professional. More and more people are now turning to reflexology as it has proven to work and has had successful results!

You will learn so much from our baby reflexology courses in Manchester. Whether you would like to provide pain-relieving techniques and comfort to your children or patients, reflexology courses are a trove of treasures for the well-being of everyone in your life. To make the most of it, you can book a session or contact us today for more details. Besides reflexology for babies, there are different courses that you can check if you would like to learn more.