Reflexology for Children and Babies in BirminghamFew nonintrusive therapies are as effective as reflexology for children and babies in Birmingham. We are all protective of our children and would like to enhance their growth and cognitive skills in the least disruptive ways. In reflexology therapy, pressure is applied to key points in your hands and feet to promote wellness in your body. The therapy is based on the inherent connectivity of different parts of your body. Reflexology therapists use zonal maps of your hands and feet that correspond to different parts, organs and systems in your body.

The main benefit of the reflexology therapy is the restoration of your inner balance. In Birmingham, reflexology for children and babies has been widely accepted. Therapists have found that reflexology can help to soothe a lot of the discomfort and unrest in babies. Whether it is due to teething, constipation or colic among other things, reflexology can work wonders for you. Our therapeutic methods can also enhance the quality of your baby’s resting periods. It also helps older children to learn how to relax. This can improve your child’s ability to cope in stressful situations and helps them to stay focus better. If your child cries for long for no specific reason or has trouble sleeping, you should consider our solution.

In addition to providing reflexology for children and babies in Birmingham, we can train you to do it at home. With your busy schedule and baby’s unique routine, it may be beneficial for you to learn how to administer reflexology directly. We offer a wide range of training courses that vary according to your area of interest. Our new book on reflexology for children and babies is perfect for a stay at home parent. The 132-page book stands on 18 years of direct research carried out by our founder. Contact Sue Ricks today to get your copy. Reflexology can give you a new way to connect and interact with your children. These soothing exercises yield therapeutic results for both you and your child.