Reflexology Courses in DerbyReflexology courses in Derby are an excellent way to grow your interest in the field of alternative therapies. Sue Ricks has developed a comprehensive programme for individuals who want to develop their skills in massage therapy. What is reflexology? It is a form of hands-on massage that requires the application of varying amounts of pressure to the ears, hands and feet. It is based on the tenet that one’s body parts are directly connected to body systems and organs. Our courses will help you build your theory and give you a chance to gain valuable practical experience from the leading expert herself; the founder of our academy and clinic itself, Sue Ricks.  At the academy, you can take a wide range of courses such as reflexology for babies and children, energy or chakra healing and specific touch courses. For learners’ benefit, we also provide one-on-one and distance learning courses. By taking our courses, you can gradually develop your innate healing skills as a healer.

For residents in Derby, reflexology courses are easily accessible. Our courses are built on several theories. The main one is there exists a connection between our skin and internal organs with the central nervous system. When a reflexologist applies pressure to the ears, hands and feet, it sends a calming signal to your peripheral nerves in the central nervous system. This helps your body adjust its tension or stress levels. The result is that your body learns to relax which helps bring your internal system back to optimum functioning. In addition, your oxygen and blood supply improves. By taking any of our courses, you’re well on your way to becoming an expert reflexologist.

To gain more expertise in massage therapy, consider taking reflexology courses in Derby. Contact Sue Ricks today to find out more about available reflexology courses. By learning these techniques, you will develop the expertise necessary for applying the right amount of pressure. Develop your interests in this rapidly growing alternative therapy today. Take a Sue Ricks reflexology course and start healing others.