Reflexology Training in YorkWhether you are an expert or an amateur, you can always sign up for Sue Ricks’ reflexology training in York. When it comes to reflexology, you really do not have to be a professional in the domain to join the course. And if you are interested to find more about Gentle Touch Reflexology, or any of the many branches such as Reflexology for Babies, or Cancer and Palliative Care, you are more than welcome to join the course. It is perfect for family members who wish to train and educate themselves about this technique so that they can assist their family members or close friends to find some relief.

There are different ways to choose your training method if you are interested to get your training from Sue Ricks. In York, reflexology training is available face to face, or one-on-one via Skype where you can ask as many questions as you would like. Sue Ricks teaches her techniques all over the world, and if you are thinking of learning from her, we assure you that you will benefit greatly from her courses. She is a very friendly person with more than 25 years of experience in the field. She works extensively with practitioners and nurses, and others in the medical field as she really enjoys working with people to bring them some sort of relief. Some of the aspects you could learn from Sue Ricks are the essential concepts around working with people diagnosed with cancer, health and wellness concepts, reflexology at home, supporting carers, working with chakras, understanding how to work with children, and explaining how reflexology works to children and many more. There are general courses for reflexology, as well as more specific ones.

Sign up for Sue Ricks’ reflexology training in York if you are looking to get great results with the subtlest of touches. It is possible to work and care for people without causing them too much physical pain. By learning about reflexology, you can bring the people you work for or even family members relief. For more details, you can contact Sue Ricks. We hope that you will join us on this incredible journey and we look forward to helping you better serve your clients and family members!