Reflexology Courses in Sheffield Reflexology courses in Sheffield will help you gain a better understanding of how the body works.  With Sue Ricks as your instructor, you’ll be guided through this alternative method of healing, giving you all the basics and more you need to promote the healing process. Though based in Leicestershire, she can travel to where you are and equip you with all the necessary knowledge so that you can excel in your new craft. Using her own material, you’ll have the opportunity to learn through various means, whether it is through her books or her detailed DVDs. You’ll learn through charts as well and of course, have practical sessions to help you put into practice what you’ve learned.

The body is connected in more ways than one, so it is no wonder that dealing with a problem in one area can be taken care of by focusing on another area. In Sheffield, reflexology courses can be used to heal people whether the ailment is not as severe or even treat people with cancer. In fact, cancer patients and those in palliative care have been helped via reflexology, if only to provide some comfort and peace when in pain. You’ll learn reflexology for children, enabling to provide comfort to your own children as well. Each reflexology course aims to cover an extensive area pertaining to emotional, theoretical and practical factors. As a practitioner, you’ll know how to help both the patient and the family, supporting them through the practice and everything else around it.

Though the reflexology courses in Sheffield are short, you’ll gain a wealth of knowledge and a certificate will be awarded to all attendees that can be used for continuing professional development. Contact Sue Ricks today and book your slot for the next available course. If you’re interested but can’t possibly make your way to the next class, you can enrol for the online courses and get a steady footing. With an instructor who has been equipping herself with this and other relevant knowledge since 1986, you can be sure to be learning both relevant and useful information.