Reflexology Training in Liverpool Sue Ricks the well-known expert is here to help you with reflexology training in Liverpool. If you are on a quest to learn about reflexology, its benefits and how to be a practitioner, you have arrived at the right address. The Sue Ricks Academy meets all the above requirements and more. With thirty years of practice in reflexology, this institution is where you are in the best hands, be it for treatment or coaching on how to become an accomplished reflexologist. The various courses in reflexology training help learners to pick his or her area of interest. Once you have familiarised yourself with the course content and scope either online or in a face-to-face meeting, you can get started on the exciting journey to becoming an expert practitioner.

We have online courses in case it is not convenient for you to attend live sessions. In Liverpool, reflexology training includes other optional services like palliative care and safety information. These courses are conducted in a calm, and serene environment with techniques well explained, thus empowering students with the confidence and determination to make a difference to the lives they touch. Reflexology training is given in different areas. Our Gentle Touch Reflexology training is a two-day workshop, where the preparatory part of the course is completed online. The latter part of the curriculum involves understanding all aspects pertaining to patients diagnosed with cancer and how to assist them. In addition, we do try to provide a comprehensive understanding of important concepts, facts and myths about cancer to help patients to come to terms with their condition. By supporting caregivers, reflexology can be practised at home to ease the pain and discomfort and provide additional support through this difficult phase,

Reflexology training in Liverpool also has an intensive, four-day course in certified Baby and Child Reflexology Practitioner and Instructor. This detailed course teaches one how to use reflexology for babies and young children to address a wide range of problems. It offers information on managing children of different ages including legal and practical considerations while handling young children. Contact us for more information about our reflexology training. We also offer reflexology products and treatment.