Reflexology Products in SheffieldSue Ricks’ reflexology products in Sheffield include the informative books she has authored. She offers guidance and instruction for those practicing reflexology such as Fantastic Feet and Gentle Touch of Reflexology for Babies and Children. Also, if you are working with other people, building up a clientele her book Confidentiality- Ten Things to Know is a valuable tool for guidance in personal interactions. E-motion: Energy in Motion by Sue Ricks and Three Steps to Enjoying Life are wonderful self help guides to enhance the quality of your everyday life. If you want to know more about what Sue teaches read these books. They will have a positive impact on your life and take you deeper into the benefits of reflexology.

Those who want to know more about the techniques involved in Reflexology and prefer visual content will benefit from Sues DVD’s. In Sheffield, reflexology products such as the DVD Gentle Touch Reflexology will demonstrate Sues own Gentle Touch Reflexology so you will understand the potential and benefits. There are four instructional DVDs to introduce you to reflexology techniques you can master for the benefit of others. Two more DVDs dealing with reflexology techniques for babies and children are also available. We believe these inspiring and instructional DVDs will change your life and provide you with the opportunity to bring joy, comfort and pain relief for those near to you.

You may find, as you dig deeper into the training content of Sues reflexology products in Sheffield, you want to share your knowledge with your own clients. To assist, we do have a training academy that can be accessed long distance via our online courses. We also make available charts, soothing oils, ambiance candles and other tools to aid in your endeavour. Contact us or visit our website to discover a wealth of material and information for developing your reflexology techniques and knowledge to share. There are no secrets. As Sue has progressed through her own training, experience and enlightenment, she has shared each step with all who will listen. Reflexology is meant to be shared for the benefit of all people.