Reflexology Courses in YorkWhat if completion of reflexology courses in York  meant you could bring comfort to a loved one suffering the pain and stress of an illness? Perhaps a friend is undergoing cancer treatment or an elderly relative aches from age related frailties and depression that interfere with rest and comfort. Maybe you’re a new Mum with a colicky or frequently agitated infant and you both need rest and relaxation. How about your husbands crippling migraine headaches or your own Mum who is suffering anxiety associated with shortness of breath caused by COPD or congestive heart failure. We are not talking about a cure for the disease, although the ailment may be curable. We are talking about a therapy that improves the quality of life while undergoing treatment for or living with the discomfort of a physical or mental health issue.

Reflexology is a relaxing therapy administered through the feet and sometimes the hand. In York, Reflexology courses teach the pressure points on feet that coordinate with certain organs or areas of the body. When you learn those pressure points and how to massage each to relieve the pain or tension, the recipient receives whole body benefits. Sue Ricks is experienced in most all the healing arts with many years of training and practice. All the reflexology courses are taught at her clinic, seminars and even at your pace online. You could not ask for a more complete and authoritative program or a more dedicated instructor.

When you learn the good you can do after reflexology courses in York you may want to explore other of Sue Ricks courses. Imagine the comfort you would be able to offer others with your skills. Ms Ricks is a Senior Member of the British Register for Complementary Practitioners and the Federation of Holistic Therapists. She is an honorary member of the Association of Reflexologists and business member of The Reflexology Association of America. Sue Ricks has been developing her expertise since 1986 and originated The Gentle Touch Reflexology. She is a sought after speaker and author. Contact Sue Ricks and register for reflexology courses. If you have ever wanted to make the world a better place for others, reflexology courses can set you on a path that will bring comfort to those whose life you touch.