Reflexology Courses in StokeWhether you are a spa therapist or someone interested in personal learning, you will find Sue Ricks’ reflexology courses in Stoke to be amazing and useful. She has been in the field of alternative therapies since a young age and is now considered a master in her field. If you are interested to learn more and gain a better understanding of reflexology courses, including Gentle TouchTM, for babies and children and so on, you will find a wonderful list available on her website. Without any doubt, the course will provide you with extensive knowledge about the technique, but most importantly, a lifelong skill that will come in handy.

Whether you are looking to update your knowledge, or want to find an alternate method to the heavy pressure techniques, we can assure you that the upcoming 4-day intensive course will be useful. In Stoke, reflexology courses can help you become a much better reflexologist. It is not without surprise that many of Sue Ricks’ previous students have discovered a more in-depth understanding of the technique through her courses, allowing many of them to become better practitioners and really connect with their patients. There are different courses on reflexology, and if you are interested in providing a more intuitive and relaxing treatment to your patients, you will find Sue Ricks’ courses to be of great benefits. And of course, her style of teaching is very relaxed, students generally feel welcome and at ease, making it easier for them to better grasp the different aspects of reflexology. In addition to that, some of the courses come with one on one practical sessions, which means, you are going to experience first-hand the different lessons about reflexology.

Sue Ricks’ reflexology courses in Stoke will be of enormous help whether you are a newbie now starting on this journey, or you are a veteran who wishes to enhance his skills. During the course, you will be provided with notes to help you keep abreast of the learning, and rest assured, the courses are fun! For more details,  contact Sue Ricks. By booking for a course by Sue Ricks, you will discover a new range of painless methods to treat your patients!