Reflexology Courses in DerbySue Ricks’ reflexology courses in Derby is an excellent example of sharing valuable knowledge that can bring benefits to everyone interested a holistic approach to well-being. It’s also a solution for those still searching for relief from pain, discomfort and stress. When you have benefited from one or more of the complimentary reflexology courses mastered by Sue Ricks over the past 30 plus years, you can’t not pass it on to others. For that reason, she set up her School of Complementary therapies within her clinic. She has introduced her healing arts to thousands, reached more through her lectures and authored several books. The courses taught at her school are those she herself has proven to be effective and beneficial to clients.

There are many courses to choose from and the serious student might want to master them all over a period of time. For those interested students in Derby, Reflexology courses and the complimentary therapies can be learned in a classroom setting or with long distance learning for those out of area. Usually students inquire about the course or courses that will be helpful during the current events in their own lives. For example, a loved one is diagnosed with cancer. Family members feel helpless but long to be of help. Sue’s cancer and palliative care introduces techniques and approaches associated with Soft Touch Reflexology that can address the emotional, theoretical and practical aspects of living with cancer.

That is only one of many Reflexology courses in Derby under the heading of Soft Touch Reflexology. Other groupings are Reflexology courses for babies and children, and Energy Healing. In addition to online courses, one on one courses are taught at Sue Ricks Clinic, you can enrol in group sessions held during Sue’s speaking engagements or pack your bags and immerse yourself in the healing arts with Sue Ricks and others in Hawaii. For a wealth of information contact Sue Ricks, access her website, read her books and attend her lectures. Besides her many years of experience Sue Ricks is a Senior Member of the British Register for Complementary Practitioners, Association of Reflexologists, Federation of Holistic Therapists and The Reflexology Association of America.