By Sue Ricks, Feng Shui Consultant

I discovered Feng Shui in 1995 and began my 7 years of training almost immediately. I loved it so much that I continued from home Feng Shui onto business and corporate Feng Shui.

My intention is to share with you my passion and awareness of how special Feng Shui is in helping everyone towards an even happier, healthier and harmonious life.

There are several different ways that Feng Shui can be appreciated, understood and practiced.

A few tips on things to look out for over the next few weeks. Pay attention to what your home (or business) is saying about you.

1) Check out where you accumulate clutter in your home.

2) Notice what the clutter is made up of and ask yourself why you’ve allowed it to accumulate.

3) Have a think about why you have put it in that location. What does that say about the importance of that space?

4) Think how long the items have been there. If it’s over 7days then the time is now to get them moved on. 14 days and they are beginning to outstay their welcome. 21 days and it’s really time to move them on. 28 days and it’s now really negatively affecting your energy /chi

5) Check out the lighting around you. Is it too dark or too bright? Are there a range lighting mood that can be achieved to suit the moment? This represents a positive factor of an adaptable spirit and the ability to change at will or necessity. If it’s always too bright, you’ll stay in Yang mode and get adrenal stress and fatigue. If it’s always too dark you will be attracting sluggish energies and find it hard to get going. Restful light is great for peaceful places and times e.g. kitchen at night, bedrooms, living spaces when winding down. Brighter lighting is good in work areas and spaces. Some rooms are multipurpose so ensure you can change your lighting to suit the activity, mood and required state.

6) Check – Is everything working i.e. electrical equipment TV, lights, kitchen equipment, fans etc. Also check items that move i.e. shutters, windows, doors. Once you’ve checked what is working, fix it if you can it decide what needs specialist attention.

7) Ideally do a three-monthly check of your home / business. It’s sometimes necessary to schedule next checks to ensure you keep the energy flowing.

8) Check the exterior of your property too as clutter and unwanted items left outside represents the need to keep the world at bay, therefore blocking flow, abundance and joy of life.

9) Empty trash/rubbish bins daily to avoid holding onto ‘negative’ energy and allow positive energy in instead.

10) Check the gutters and drains are doing their job and collecting the water and letting it go. Check the gutters are clean of leave and plants etc. and that drains are grease, hair etc. free.

Let the chi flow!

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