Recently I posted this photograph of two trees on Instagram and to date it’s had a great response.

The view and tree really resonated with me and I thought I’d chat a bit about trees in this piece.

Trees are awesome and we love them! They absorb the carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. We all depend in them for life.

They are fabulous transmutes.

Recently I’ve seen two wonderful programmes on the Television from amazing women about their deep love of trees. One was about the Queen and her love of trees. She walked with Sir David Attenborough and to hear both of them share their love and respect for trees plus some great giggles too, was wonderful. I also saw a truly beautiful programme that you may have caught too about Dame Judy Dench and her passion for trees too.

Many years ago, when I was training in the fascinating subject of Feng Shui, we were taught how to drop into the matrix and also to commune with trees. I’ve continued to talk with trees ever since! I just admit I’ve kept that to myself as I know people think I’m wild and whacky already and adding “she talks to trees” was one step too far for me! That was until I met my lovely partner George and really got to know and understand his truly awesome gift to talk with nature. He helps people with gardens locally and so he talks with the trees and plants and you can so see the evidence in our garden.

One lady who lives close by moved into a home with quite a few trees in the garden.  She felt they disappointed her and messed up her garden without contributing anything to it, so George was instructed to cut them down. That’s super hard for a tree lover….so he persuaded her to leave it a few months until the better time of year to move plants (when the sap is falling). So come end of October, early November he transplanted them here. Fortunately, they weren’t big trees but were big enough to be concerned they may not take. Guess what…. they have taken, grown and adorned our garden and give us the most beautiful displays every year. The cherry blossom at the moment is gorgeous. And thankfully our neighbour loves her tree that’s now in our front garden. Her comment “it’s clearly happier in your garden than mine”.

We talk with our trees, we love them, admire them and thank them! Yes, we are mad…and, yet are we?!?

In the programme that Dame Judy Dench filmed it was filled with her love and passion for trees plus some science too. And in that science was the evidence that trees communicate with each other.

To read more about trees and how we interact see my article on trees and how they help us, and we can help them too.