I remember once being on a training exercise and the group leader asked us to think of our response to the question, am I teachable?

As a tutor myself I know that sometimes people have so much going on that it’s really hard to able to have time space or energy to even hear about options that might lead to change.

There’s a really good book called who moved my cheese by Dr Spencer Johnson

That I love and frequently recommend. It’s a little book that’s easy to read and it introduces us to two mice who find that their regular supply of cheese has moved, and it looks at how they deal with that. If you’ve not read it, I’d recommend checking it out.

Sometimes we want to change but don’t know how.

Sometimes we want to change but that very change might be more scary than putting up with the thing you want to move away from.

There are other times when you don’t even realise that change is even possible.

I’ve just been teaching my private one to one Gentle Touch Reflexology (GTR) with Emotional Technique (EFT) and the lovely lady who came was quite astonished at what had happened to her. She had watched all the training videos online in our learning portal and felt she would just skim through the links to the EFT stuff but found that when she did the EFT techniques that her level of anger towards an old memory just evaporated and so get behaviour totally changed towards the person involved.

This was a clear case when she hadn’t even thought about it being possible and that her attitude and behaviour could change. She was really surprised that she changed so effortlessly, and her anger dissolved and she picked up a friendly relationship again with all the angst having gone.

As Paul McKenna says, “it’s amazing what you can do when you don’t know you can’t”!

The reverse is also true, “it’s amazing what you can do when you don’t know you can!”

It’s been a joyful experience working with this lady as she knew she wanted to change her approach to reflexology and luckily the GTR approach so it suits her gentle and aware nature. The bit that totally surprised her was how well she responded to EFT when she wasn’t even expecting it.

Change can happen when you least expect it.

It doesn’t need to be hard. Just being open to possibilities means magic can happen.

Nothing changes unless nothing changes.

What’s your attitude to allowing change? What one small thing could you do differently today?

With love,