Recently I posted a piece from the BBC about sleep and asked if readers were morning larks or night owls. The responses were fascinating with some people expressing delight at being acknowledged as night owls and others saying they didn’t fit any particular sleep plan.

I hadn’t realised until some years ago that I’d actually become a bit if a sleep evangelist and had started asking people about their sleep patterns. I found myself asking my friends and family and also recording my clients sleep and nap habits.

What I found out really surprised me but also answered lots of issues in my view. One thing was plain to see and hear that people believed there is a real and true “should” around sleep. The pressure to sleep “x” hours and when those hours “should be”! These social pressures themselves make life really tough for people who get urges to sleep at other times.

I’ve written a longer piece about sleep that’s in the articles page of my website as I believe there is much we can do to support ourselves and others to physical and emotional health if we sleep well.

We all know that sleep deprivation has devastating effects and any new mum will tell you about how it reduces our ability to function. What’s really clear to me is that we are all different and so our sleep patterns are different too. Read the article here for more sleep related information.

With Love, Sue Ricks  xxx