I was reading and watching an article about Jeff Koons and his art and the impact it’s had on the community. I love his pink balloons, you have to see them!

One of the things that was said is how Jeff Koons spoke about how simplicity is difficult to achieve. I would agree…would you?

I know that sometimes the simplest is the best and yet it’s hard to teach and also “get” that. So, you find yourself thinking that some things are too complicated or there’s too much to do?

I’m grateful that I’m over the age of 30 now!!!  It’s great to look back and realise how often I made my life more complicated than it was. Have you ever noticed that?

My private student recently said how much she’s enjoyed her time with me however it had been more challenging in a great way. One of the concepts we went through is how our state affects others, and what to do about it. We really delved quite deeply into being okay and what that might mean mentally, physically and emotionally.

If it’s all about simplicity, it’s about what’s super important to you and being at ease with yourself. If you go and have a look at my Academy (you can just see it before you actually enter it), you’ll see whole range of ways to simplify life.

Being comfortable, calm and peace with yourself and loving too is such a bonus.

I’m all about keeping it simple. I agree with Jeff Koons about it being hard to achieve and although I might find his array of Hoover’s baffling, I love his Balloon sculptures.

Here’s to simplicity!

Lots of love

Sue xx