It’s not just for Reflexologists!

Have you checked out the Sue Ricks Academy recently? We’ve revamped it, polished it and given it a shiny new access! Well metaphorically anyway!

Anyone can now have a “footle” around it and see what’s there before ever going any further.  You can actually go in and see it all. You only actually pay anything and use offer codes if you have one, (see bottom for offer code in February 2019) when you’ve been able to see all that you are getting.

It was when I was at the Reflexology Association of America (RAA) in Chicago that I realised we needed to change it and I’m so glad we did! We love that anyone and everyone can browse first. I had found myself talking in Chicago about all the courses we do in the UK, US, Ireland etc and about my books, DVDs, charts etc and telling people who live too far away to be able to get to my trainings that stacks of my course content, information I’ve learned along the way and helpful content is actually on the Academy!

All that and for the fraction of the price of attending a class! Seems a fabulous deal to me and one I obviously would recommend, hand on heart! It’s an ace deal in my view.

My team and I have been working towards creating what we initially called the Netflix of reflexology, however it’s grown!!  It’s become much bigger and now has stacks of other things in it too, such as energy management tips, stress relievers, meditations, understanding energy, parenting tips, Feng Shui and how to make the best of your home and work life.

So, it’s not just for Reflexogists!

So, if you are in a relationship, have kids, run a business, are interested in foot or hand reading, have children…then there’s something or somethings in the Sue Ricks Academy (SRA) for you.

We love it, believe in it and provide it with love…we hope you love it too!


Use this special code WINTER50 for half price for the first month… (offer valid until the 28th February 2019)