Hi from the lake district, i would like to wish everyone a happy new year and a great time in 2019.

Another year and another opportunity to enjoy life in all it’s offerings. Life cycles come and go and all things change however doing all we can do to raise our vibrations and share those our into the world is certainly one of my wishes for us this year.

A New Year and a new start…and yet every day is an opportunity for a new start too. Recently I posted a video on Facebook about washing your hair is a simple way to wash things out of our hair or aura. Release and let go is such a wonderful thing to do as we can become quite bogged down in stuff! I love to use the pyramid safety and hot air balloon techniques to stay centred and releasing. Acknowledging this new year is a great way to release how we were in the past and be the best we can be this year.


New start and new ideas!

We’ve been busy adding lots of new content to the Sue Ricks Academy and are so grateful for the feedback! Just before Christmas I did a Skype talk at Jackie Grimleys FHT meeting in Northern Ireland and had such a laugh and great time with the group over mince pies and coffee! Jackie made me laugh when she said the Academy could get her into trouble as she wanted to spend all her time on it as it’s so good! Loved that and especially as it’s the reason we’ve put the academy together…to be a collection of all things that we hope and believe will be useful and helpful to members.

We have a big range of classes arranged in the UK, USA and Canada.  Some are public and some private so keep an eye on our website for info on courses if you’d like to join us.

The level and pace of my one to one sessions have really taken off and feedback from these have been great. We are so lucky to work 1:1 because we can go through whatever you want to know. It’s so personal and I see so many Ah ha’s has happening as we gradually get to grips with what’s truly important.

Plans are coming together for some more events too! We welcome a new member of our team too… So, a busy year ahead with us focusing on service, gratitude and sharing whilst enhancing a work life balance, so sending best wishes from the beautiful lake district.



We hope you are enjoying the videos, images, quotes and things we are posting on social media too.

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