I was asked if foot reading is useful to Reflexology.  I actually think, it’s such a great addition to Reflexology of all kinds and that it is hard to imagine not incorporating it into any reflexology treatment! I personally believe that Gentle Touch Reflexology is a fabulous treatment and skill that is a stand-alone therapy and yet the addition of Foot Reading can also take it to a whole new level.  Foot reading is misunderstood by a few and so the simple explanation of foot readings are that it’s a way to see what may be the underpinning reasons for a client’s disease, meaning that we can offer more in the way of support and helpful treatment connected with our foot reading observations.

Foot Reading adds a great deal for some and yet is also entirely unnecessary for others. I love this about GTR as you can make it your own and be who you really are.  Some people find that the whole ethos behind Gentle Touch Reflexology means that they can make the real connections with clients by instinctive awareness and therefore adding foot reading doesn’t actually add anything at all. This is because they have already connected so deeply without needing to add foot or hand reading. Neither do they need to asses anyone in any other way. When people have the ability to connect at such a true level, it means that foot reading may not add anything at all. However, there is valuable information that is so easy to see and to read that it can make it all the more pleasurable and easier to tailor the treatment to the individual client.

Our self-preparation as a practitioner make all the difference and so for some people that will mean doing foot reading and for some it will mean really tuning in more before connecting with the magic abilities and support of Gentle Touch Reflexology.

Only today I have received a super piece of feedback from an Energy and Vibrational Healing course student about her client seeing all kinds of colours and additional help around her. This practitioner was not foot reading at all and the extra came for her doing the extra energy and vibrational healing techniques associated with Gentle Touch Reflexology. Fortunately, GTR has many aspects to it.

When we are truly who we are and can let that side of ourselves run free, then Foot Reading may or may not add to your skills. For me it’s invaluable as it’s like a speed dial to what’s really going on behind the scenes.

The International Foot Reading Conference is this week and we will meet all kind of foot readers, some will be experienced, and some will be complete novices. However they will hopefully all be joined by the fact that Foot Reading can add a great deal to reflexology and other therapies and that each person will be advised to do it their own way.

So when asked if foot reading adds anything I can honestly say that I use it each and every day in a multitude of ways.

It’s revealing
It’s an easy way to know stuff that even our clients or ourselves don’t know (about ourselves)
It’s accurate
It’s fun
It’s suitable for all ages as it helps reveal the real things going on.
It highlights the non-obvious rather than the obvious.
The obvious nay not be the problem
The underlying issues can be creatively addressed through knowing how to integrate reflexology and foot reading in every session.
Every accident, cut, bruise, band aid or plaster tells a story.

Fascinating and fun too!

With love