I’ve met some really extra ordinary people along my journey as a practitioner and teacher. One lady who came to my mind recently was a wonder woman called Foteini. She messaged me from Greece and asked me if I could teach her a range of subjects. She sent me a huge list of topics and we agreed on dates in a few months time. I remember it with huge fondness as Foteini and I explored the depths of Reflexology through her connections with me and Gentle Touch Reflexology.

She booked me for a whole week of seven days and we worked from 8.30am until 9 am at night as that was the only way we could fit everything in before she went back to Greece!

We went through reflexology, specifically Gentle Touch Reflexology, working with the Elderly, Reflexology for Babies and Children practitioner and Instructor training to include running her own baby reflexology classes. We did energy and vibrational work, chakras, foot reading, understanding the emotional connections to the body plus we even managed to fit in Hopi Ear candling too!

Foteini was a total delight to work with and I so get why she wanted to do her training privately and one to one.

I personally have done most of my training one to one too! I find it super helpful as being dyslexic I can get lost on training courses do when I train one to one I can check I really know and understand.

I love offering private one to one tuition as it feels so rewarding to watch the ah ha moments happening right before your eyes. I love the fact that together we create a personalised plan of what the person want to learn, do or experience. I love the personalised approach and constantly see really beautiful results.

Foteini is a beautiful lady and working wonders in all that she does.

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