The little girl was so brave. It was her birthday and she her mouth was set in an upturned smile yet her eyes were leaking gentle tears. It was her birthday.

She was so grateful for her gifts and she tried so hard to make everyone feel happy as they have her their brightly covered parcels to open but they could see that inside she was so hurting.

There was only one thing missing from her special day and that was her Dad. He is serving abroad in the Forces and aged ten today she knows he is doing all he can to take care of our country but today of all days she’s wanting him here.

It’s painful to watch her bravery as she puts on her happy face and brushes the tears away in the hopes that no-one sees them. She knows her daddy’s cousin lost his life in Afghanistan and is scared her dad won’t stay safe.

Lest we forget…. ” when you go home, tell them of us, for your tomorrow, we gave our today”.

She’s playing with her cousins, neighbours and friends because that’s what you don’t on your birthday but inside she’s holding back the tears. She knows that if she let’s them start to really fall she won’t be able to stop. She also knows she will ruin everyone else’s day and that they’d wanted to enjoy a breather from their own things they have to deal with in life while they laugh, play and picnic on the beach. She doesn’t want anyone to suffer because she doesn’t want to do this. She just wants her Daddy back.

Her feet are looking so pretty in her yellow and white shoes. The white petals around the tops of her shoes are beautifully symmetrical. The centers sparkle with a shiny diamond Crystal. She imagines they are real and given to her as home coming gift from her Dad.

Inside her shoes her feet are actually showing how she’s feeling but she doesn’t know that. She’s never heard of foot reading before but maybe one day she’s learn about it.

Her feet are pale and looking a little like they will when she’s been in the sea or bath tonight…all wrinkled and with wavy lines across them. There’s a hidden bloom or hue of a blueish colour deep inside her foot. It would be easy to miss as she’s hidden the hurt that it represents and kept it unseen. After all she prides herself on being Daddy’s big brave girl.

The hard skin areas across the balls of her feet look like they’ve occurred because she plays barefoot outside on the patio and along the path with her friends. Everyone thinks the hard skin is there as her tender feet have built up layers of protection to allow her to run about on the hard surfaces and Sandy areas between the lodges. People don’t realise that the hard skin is really helping her protect her feelings as> that’s the feeling zones of her feet. She has an especially thick layer of hard skin just on the ball if her foot between the first and second toe. This is her private ‘private’ way of keeping her feelings deeply under wraps of (hard skin).