I love working with fellow professionals and feel really lucky to be able to work with people in my home.  It’s so great when someone comes along and enjoys the benefits of Gentle Touch Reflexology (GTR) and receives the gorgeous support that it offers.

People came along to my clinic for all kinds of reasons and sometimes it to get physical or emotional help within my clinic rom and sometimes its as a result of having met professionally.

This comment is by Alison Ford who I recently met as she did our Babies and Children Practitioner course.  She experienced her first GTR treatment with me in my clinic room and has such a great way of describing the effects that GTR had for her ad and what the experience was like..

It’s sometimes difficult to know what something feels like until you hear from another – so here is Alison to say it for herself.


“Receiving a treatment from Sue Ricks

I thoroughly enjoyed receiving a GTR treatment. I usually prefer a firm pressure during my own reflexology treatments, so it was a very different experience. I felt much more connected to the energetic movements and became very soporific! It was a privilege having Sue treat me too! I remember being aware of the movement of energy and of enjoying watching Sue’s pace and techniques. We covered such a lot in my treatment that it is a struggle to remember it all! I do know I felt well cared for, was very much put at ease and I had a sense of being in extremely safe hands. I enjoyed the gentle lulling sensations of the treatment and also the ‘space’ I felt the treatment created in my whole being.

I noticed the set up in Sue’s treatment room is designed for peace and relaxation but is also colourful and vibrant. I was offered a choice of towel colour which was a lovely surprise! I also noticed plenty of blankets, candles and lovely smells permeating the room. It was light and airy…..”

“I think it’s very important to receive regular treatment as therapists – not just because it’s so beneficial in and of itself, but because it creates opportunities to reflect on different ways of working and offers further chances to learn. Receiving GTR with Sue reminded me of what an incredible therapy it is.”