I’m just getting myself up and ready and thinking about the value of colour. I’m going to go and visit my father as it’s his birthday and he lives in a very beautiful home which cares for people who have Alzheimer’s and dementia. I’m choosing my dress today and have selected two different dresses and I decided that I would wear the one that I get real comments about when I go into the home. I was thinking about why I wanted to wear that dress and why something about the comments seemed important however, I wasn’t sure what it was. It luckily occurred to me that if you live in a home and you don’t go out very often (luckily my dad does go out a lot but some of them don’t) and the people around you wear the uniform of the home (which is also lovely), and there are visitors but not everybody wears colour, so….. when somebody comes into the Home in a blaze of colour it must be quite nice. I wonder if that’s possibly why I always get these amazing comments when I go in wearing bright colours today I’m going in and wearing a particularly bright and highly colourful dress!
I hope it brings them some sunshine.

Last time I wore I a lady reached out to me and held my dress. She never normally speaks however on this occasion she was full of chat and talk about my dress and the colours I wear. I hadn’t thought she was aware as she sits slumped in her chair. After that chat I make a particular point if going nearer to her and saying hello in case it lifts her to see my colours.

I’m wearing thus dress today to celebrate my fathers birthday. To honour those who have commented on it (as this is the one they comment on the most).

Maybe our choice if clothes are important when we go to visit others?

I wear it for myself and yet I’m also choosing it for them too!

With love of colour