You never know what your actions affect and what or how they may make a difference.

I’ve just seen a photo.

Last News Years Eve celebrations were wonderful and very memorable for George and I. We met up in North Yorkshire with my relative who lives in Florida! We enjoyed three great days with them in the most incredibly beautiful and scenic location imaginable.

The cottage is miles from anywhere and so you can see the stars in all their glory on a clear night. We were invited to join our hosts for their New Year Eve party which is with residents of the village of Hartley. Drinks and excellent donations of food in houses along a route with magnificent fireworks as well. A fabulous time was had by all.

Because the cottage is so dark at night (we’ve been before). I took a mini string of battery operated fairy lights with me to make it easier to get about at night. When we left I have them to my relative and off we went on our merry way.

Little did I know how useful they would be! My relative Martha lives in Florida in St Petersburg and was super busy and organised in coordinating the preparations for the arrival of hurricane Irma. She is the CEO for the SPCA Tampa Bay – see her and others magnificent work here

After Irma she, like huge areas of Florida were luckily safe but without power.

She sent me the photo of salad making by fairy lights…who knew!

They had no power but were able to use the light power of the fairy lights to prepare meals at night.

Hartley village new year celebrations gift to basic needs flowing Irma.

Hartley to Hurricane!

You never know… just be the best that you can be and just do!

With love Sue