Well, George and I are back from the US after attending the RAA conference (Reflexology Association of America) in Chicago! http://reflexology-usa.org

As we all know, conferences are great!

We had an awesome one here in the UK in March and my dream of helping u s in the UK and beyond to know how good conferences are is happening. Conferences are happening and also…whoo hoo…selling out too! Our UK conference sold out and we didn’t expect that! And fabulously the RAA conference sold out too. A first for them as well. So that’s too back to back conferences that have sold out!

We visited our great friends afterwards and I unexpectedly taught a deep dive class too! We stayed with Debbie Hitt who is president of RAA and then onto see the fabulous Jane Peace Lanverman too…who you know as our UK reflexology photographer! Jane was their Emcee…announcer. So, we know how thrilled they were that it sold out.


I thought I’d tell you all a bit about other conferences we’ve been too and about this one too…the RAA conference! Firstly, anyone can go!

The RAA board put it together for their members however non-members can also purchase tickets to attend too so anyone from the UK can go!

The love, friendship and support was fabulous. The presenters were really varied and great.

The RAA board worked super hard to make it a good event. The conference was called “JAZZED About the Art and Science of Reflexology” and was held right in the centre of Chicago.

The venue in the middle of the theatre district and in old town. It was right night to the famous Loop transport system so everyone could get across the city easily. It wasn’t all about the conference either as free times meant Delegates went to all kinds of things! We dispersed in all directions and together…groups heading here, there and everywhere as new friendships were made. Some went to ball games, boat trips, theatre to see Hamilton or Cinderella (right next to our hotel!).

One of the things about confere

nces…that I know you know (!) is about making new friends or meeting up with people you met last conference. The camaraderie was awesome…I called it a hug-a-thon!

It was selfie-Ville too. Everyone getting selfies to record the trip by!


The format for the conference was similar to what you know but they made it their own too. So, if you are contemplating going to other conferences, they will feel familiar and yet bring their own uniqueness as well.

The speakers (seven) were so well received and shared their passion and take on our industry with all.

  • Stephanie A Cooke: “YOU Are the Art of Reflexology”
  • Dr. Jesus Manzanares: “Chronic pain and its treatment in foot Reflexology”
  • Sarah Preusker: “Support for Reflexology from the National Institutes of Health” (research results)
  • Susan Raskin: “Safe Use of Aromatherapy with Reflexology”
  • Steven Rosenblatt MD: “The Energetic Connections of Reflexology to the Acupuncture Meridian System: Its Use in Disease Prevention and Health Maintenance
  • Touchpoint: Dorthe Krogsgaard and Peter Lund Frandsen: “It Don’t Mean a Thing, if it Ain’t Got That Swing – new ways to stimulate that swing in your clients”
  • Wendy Trubow, MD., MBA: “Reflexology and the Art of Balancing the Five Aspects of Health”

A great collection of very knowledgeable speakers who have very varied presentations. Peter even struck up a note or two as he serenaded the delegates…real Jazz!

There were lots of vendors to meet up with too. We had to many come to see us … It was just fabulous!!

So, attending other conferences gives you chance to connect with new people, hear new viewpoints and get to know so many likeminded people too!


George and I were at the last ICR conference where I spoke in Taitung in Taiwan. That was an awesome experience too. We found ourselves travelling through very unfamiliar places. We loved Taipei (the capitol) and took the opportunity to visit temples, markets and see the countryside too. We had a 4.5-hour train ride to the venue so were immersed in the country and got to see so much.

The ICR board did an ace job at putting together great speakers. ICR stands for International Council of Reflexologists and was formed in Toronto in the 1990’s. Anyone can join and be part of a global organisation. http://www.icr-reflexology.org

The format was similar and yet it was unique too. We experienced Taiwanese culture, visited Father Joseph’s facility up in the hills, watched the seas after a typhoon and enjoyed watching local dancers at the Saturday evening dinner. Many of us even joined in!

The speakers were excellent too with our own Hagar Basis and Lorraine Senior speaking too!

The speakers were: –

  • Sophie Lin
  • Hagar Basis
  • Sue Ricks
  • Carol Faguy
  • Dr Mitzuru Orita
  • Dr Rachel StPierre
  • Lone Sørensen
  • Lorraine Senior
  • Leila Eriksen
  • Sister Genie Natividad

We already know that the next ICR conference is being held in Anchorage Alaska in September 2019 and that will be brilliant too. We loved the last RAA conference there with Sally Kay, Geraldine Villeneuve, Iris Aharonovich, Alison Rippin, and Sharon Stathis.

We know that there’s also going to be the Northern Island conference that’s also in September 2019 so with Two great conferences in one month there will be plenty to choose from! Lots of options and chances to travel! Speakers for both to be announced.

There’s also was the RiEn conference in Portugal a few weeks’ ago 26th and 27th May with some more of our ace speakers!

Speakers were:

  • Dorthe Krogsgaard and Peter Lund Frandsen
  • Sally Kay
  • Carol Samuel
  • Rena Stravelakis
  • Judith Sercu
  • Orlando Volpe
  • Thornton Streeter
  • Spiros Dimitrakoulas
  • Didier Vin

So…conferences rock!

Chicago was awesome.

We are back having had an awesome time!

We loved meeting up with everyone, we loved staying with our friends, thank you so much for asking up incredibly welcome.

We got to send time with family…thank you David, Nancy and Martha!

We loved presenting and teaching the Deep Dive into Reflexology class too.

Most of all…thank you George for a very special time with you!


Love you all

Sue x x…. Happy conferencing!! 💜❤💕💖👍👣