I was reading one of my student’s case studies and noticed that she was taking about the benefits of reflexology and that these are many and varied. Shortly after I was reading the case study I was called away to the phone and was asked by a potential client if reflexology might help them.

In a way I am the wrong person to ask this of (!) as I believe that everyone might benefit as there are so many endless benefits to reflexology.  The list of things that we have seen and witnessed people of all ages gaining improvements with is huge! Sometimes it is even more than they expect and possibly even more subtle as well.  They do say that the best things come in little parcels!  It’s extra ordinary how often the gentlest touch can literally be the spark of health improvement.

The whole point about what I practice and teach in Gentle Touch Reflexology is that the essence of it is to support the person at the innermost level.  Hopefully the client gets the best possible treatment while we offer the very best of ourselves in the best possible state.  All in all a most enriching process on both sides!

So in a nut shell – is reflexology enriching – yes! I believe it is!

With Love

Sue x