I’ve just been reading an email that’s been sent me my one of my baby reflexology students. It’s about a 6 week old baby who is being breastfed and has been suffering from constipation and sadly has already needed to be put on suppositories, with the future of going on to laxatives (according to what the doctor had told the parents). The mother says she’s has great help from her doctor but now was looking at additional ways of helping her daughter. Luckily she heard about using reflexology for her baby daughter. It seems quite remarkable that reflexology can be there for parents in such a fantastic way, because in this case the baby reflexology practitioner was able to do a treatment and then recommend follow-up treatments that the mother might be able to do herself at home. These are simple techniques that can make such an enormous difference to babies and children of all kinds of ages, and although we can never make any promises or any guarantees, so much good can come about.

I’m continuously moved by the effectiveness of the treatment and fortunately in this particular case the mother was able to do some simple techniques, as taught by the practitioner, and these have really helped. The parents have already seen a really big difference in the bowel habits of their baby who no longer is needing suppositories and hopefully not needing many laxatives in the future either. They’ve quite rightly kept their doctor informed of progress and everyone agrees that the baby is now making great progress as her body is now able to perform healthily and naturally.

When a baby has such a hard time passing faeces and it becomes impacted, the pain is enormous and parents can be driven to their wits end. It’s so important to follow medical advice for the child and do whatever is going to best help a child. I do however long for the day when baby reflexology becomes the norm as part of a range of services available to parents. That will be a joyous time when we literally complement each other. We are on our way as more and more people are finding out about the fabulous benefits of using reflexology on our little ones.

In this case that I’ve been reading about, the baby is settled and appears to be feeling so much better and the doctor agrees that they no longer need to have these suppositories or laxative. That’s a fantastic thing as everyone has been very concerned for the babies’ welfare.

Cases like this are the very reason why I wrote the Gentle Touch of Reflexology for Babies and Children book. I wanted to be able to help parents at home. I realise that there lots of parents out there who may not know what to do for their children in the wee small hours (when there’s nobody about to help them) and that was why I wrote the book in the hopes that it might be able to help parents to be able to do some simple techniques that would be able to help babies have a happier and healthier life. The book really showed me how it is the most extraordinarily humbling experience to witness somebody doing some basic reflexology techniques and seeing the results they get.

The case that I’ve been reading about today has come from one of my students whose has become a qualified Baby and Child Reflexology Practitioner as she following on from her original reflexology training. She is now a CBCRP, certified Baby and Child Reflexology Practitioner and has been helping the children in her area and in specifically this particular case. Luckily the mother has actually done some of the simple reflexology essentials exercises and techniques for her daughter and now her daughter is now able to perform quite naturally. It is a joy to know about the simple wonders of Gentle Touch of Reflexology for Babies and Children is around and so many can be helped.

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With Love

Sue x