This morning I’ve seen an incredible sight …. a flight of geese flying towards our house. They had flown over the house before I realised that’s not the way that they normally fly!   In the autumn they normally fly over the house and off to the North and this time they were flying to the South! I was wondering why when I saw the East Midlands Air Ambulance helicopter coming over the hill from behind them! Obviously they had encountered it coming towards them and turned around and hence flown over our house just as I was looking out of the window!

I watched them being followed by the helicopter and lost view of them so I raced to another window to see what happened. I just got to my new position when I saw the ambulance fly off to its destination, leaving the geese free to swing round and come back over the house and fly on towards the north! It was a magnificent sight.

It made me think about how often we are on the path and flying along with a clear view ahead of us and what we are doing in following our path and then something happens that knocks us off track (like the helicopter did for the geese). However if we know the path we are choosing to follow, we too can swing around and get back on track!

Have you ever had a time when you thought of something and thought that’s what I’m meant to be doing? That’s my path….

Ever thought – there has to be something more and then you see something and realise that is part of you path as well?

Have you set out with good intentions and then let a life issue knock you off path (like the south flying geese?).

I too have had a stirring to do something and I’m in the process of putting it all together as I write. I’m excited about it as I realise that it’s actually bringing me round and back again to where I was some years ago, except now with added knowledge and life experiences. I love helping people and that’s because I knew I needed help! I’ve worked out what works for me and now share those with others looking for help and support. We are not alone – we are part of a great team and all the things I have done on my life have been about learning more, being more present with myself, offering more and being part of a fabulous band of happy life warriors doing their best to help and be of service.

The geese were incredible as they soared on in the sky, they were noisy and honking their presence as they went, calling to each other and gathering together. I realise that the something on a magical about that V formation that they fly in. They fly whilst positioning themselves so that each goose instinctively gives another the space to have a clear and direct view ahead. None blocks the view or path of another. They fly in formation and as a team whist calling to each other as they go. Maybe the geese have appeared in their migration as a reminder and symbol of our ability to work together and help us to hear our calling and what is calling us.

I know that in that wonderful book Animal Speak by the Ted Andrews that I believe in there it says that goose is about going back to the ideas and dreams that you had as child and going back to your roots and connecting in with what’s really important to you (as a child).

The geese work as a team as they fly in formation, each one has a clear view ahead and they all pull together. If we all pull together and call to each other like the geese, maybe we will all help carry each other along.

I know that as a child I do remember how I loved to play and I still love being with my grandchildren and playing. Seeing our wonderful friends Jane and Karen (who are gorgeous friends in Ohio) are such beautiful examples of how you can just love, laugh and play! They are always on a holiday and also always playing, loving and spending time with their grandchildren. They work very hard and play very hard too. We’ve been really lucky as we have just had a 3 week fantastic holiday to the UK, France and Italy with them. I see them calling everyone and keeping them together like the geese call each other. They lead from the front and cheer from behind. It’s good to think – am I leading from the front or cheering from behind?

I think the time spent with them was a lesson for me about love, laughing and playing. I learnt so much from them and I feel very blessed to have people like them in my life. I realised as I was looking at these geese fly away to the North that sometimes life or geese are calling for us ….

and it’s time to actually connect …..

as we reach the time in our lives when you are ready to actually step out and move forward in life ……

so….. is Goose calling to you too????