Starting University is one of the toughest things that a young adult faces. They can be so anxious about leaving home, about settling in, making new friends, learning where everything is, what they have to do and generally getting used to an independent life.

I live right opposite Loughborough University, one of the most prestigious universities here in the UK and a centre of excellence for sports and sports sciences.

I have met numerous students over the years who have come to see me as they make that adjustment from a life at home to an independent student life.

Students will come along to experience the benefits of reflexology, life skills, coaching, mentoring, EFT and emotional support. There are so many things that we can offer.  I have recently been working with a young lady who has been very closely involved in watching her brother and her sister leave for university in the previous 2 years and felt that she would be better prepared then she actually feels!

We have had many discussions about skills, tactics and tips about things that really make a difference.  Next week she’ll be coming to experience her very first Gentle Touch Reflexology treatment where I’ll be doing some work to be able to settle her central nervous system. As we’ve chatted over Skype,  she offered a beautiful description of how she’s feeling. She said “I feel as if I’m going bonkers, as if my body’s gone totally out of control and I feel as if I’m losing the plot!”

I think that was a very accurate description of how many students might be having be experiencing it over that last few weeks!

She said “I’m stressed, I’m very anxious, it’s all irrational. I have fears that are way out of proportion and all in all I’m struggling. I’m feeling sorry for myself because I have watched my brother and my sister go through this before and thought I would do better so much”.

Luckily we can offer so much in terms of life skills, tips, information on things about how to cope, how to manage, how to experience being an independent person. Life within the family makes us part of a tight unit and it’s hard to actually step out into your own world and create your own life, however a few skills and tips can make all the difference to things. That’s things like being able to focus on what we really have got right now…..

Maybe having a book where you can write down things that have gone well today. Write

  • “this is why I’m proud of myself today”
  • “this is what I have achieved today”
  • “this is the things that I found hard but I did it!”

Susan Jeffer’s books are great and one in particular,  Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway.  She’s a fantastic proponent of allowing yourself to be anxious and yet getting out there and dealing with it.

One case this week were we were talking about how the most successful people have failed the most often. If you don’t go out and give it a go,  you never know how well it’s going to be,  how well things are going to go and sometimes it’s anxiety that makes it seem like a complete blocker. Your anxiety can block your opportunities because you don’t give it a go and you don’t give a try and you might end up just hiding in your room and crying!  All Universities have great counsellors and I’d recommend anybody who’s struggling goes to see one, because in my role as a University Lecturer I’ve seen how invaluable they can be. I’d turn up to lecture and often my first few minutes was spent in offering life advice before we could move into content!

When I’m offering Reflexology in my clinic here in Loughborough, there so many great techniques that can help people to relax, focus, clear the mind and soothe the over activity of the central nervous system. I highly recommend Reflexology for anybody who’s having a tough time.

Go for it…. There’s so much that can really help.

With love