Menopause causes problems for countless women and yet Reflexology can offer such great assistance to those affected by this transitional time. So many clients have had to cope with so many problems associated with the menopause and it seems a shame when there is something that can really make a difference.

Over the years I have seen so many people gain tremendous benefit by having a number of Reflexology treatments. I personally thing that maybe just one treatment may not be enough to shift their whole system, (it might be however un likely), whereas a number of consecutive treatments seems to have a far better success rate.

There is much talk, stress and angst surrounding the issues of the menopause, and yet for some women it can be an easy transition. Luckily there is something that we can do and offer to assist!

For anyone who is experiencing the vagaries of “the change” Reflexology can be a blessing.

Some of the most common symptoms experienced by women include:

  • Sleeplessness
  • Anxiety
  • Mood Swings
  • Hot Flushes /Flashes
  • Dry Mouth
  • Mucus Linings becoming drier

I love using Gentle Touch Reflexology (GRT) to help and would recommend anyone to use whatever method they find works too! For me in GTR, the methodology is simple and highly effective. I do everything that I can to connect with the person and find out what is really bothering them and to get to know how it is affecting them and what they hope for.

I’ve noticed that some women think that one treatment a may make everything magically go away and yet others think that reflexology really cannot do anything but it’s worth a try! Fortunately I love reflexology with a passion and hope that they will at least just give it a go and find out how great it is once they have experienced it for themselves.

I recommend using a light and delicate touch as their endocrine system is such a powerful and yet delicately balanced system in itself. Some minor shifts and rebalancing can bring real relief to a lady who is having real troubles!

I like to suggest the following when working to support a client:-

  1. Work the reflex points of the whole foot or hand as all areas of the woman’s body are interconnected. Work very lightly and soothingly to achieve a gentle flow throughout the reflex points. Part of the key to using the Gentle Touch Reflexology treatment in these cases, is the harmony and flow of the treatment in order to help the energy (chi) to rebalance and all of the reflex points to be gently accessed and harmonized.
  1. Pay extra attention to all the Endocrine areas and assess then as you go. Check out how they feel, how energized or deleted do they feel. Are they buzzing or ‘soggy’ in texture? Is this lady surging or empty? If she is ‘surging’ and has oodles of excess energy, then maybe there is little outlet for her own creativity, love and passion. The treatment might benefit from focusing on the power areas to help her to be the true woman that she is. She may be in a role or job that does not give her chance to be herself and she may be still emotionally and mentally still linked to her child rearing years.
    1. Extra attention to her pelvis (grounding areas)
    2. Solar plexus ( K1 – the bubbling spring)
    3. Knees, front and back – about stepping out and moving forward
  1. Follow up with using an exceptionally light touch to create a link between all of the endocrine (hormonal) areas. If there are two reflexes for the same area (i.e pituitary) then just hold your thumb or finger on that reflex on both feet (not touching anything else) so that a shift or rebalance can take place. Always remembering to ensure that we as practitioners are fully present and grounded during any touch techniques).


  1. Pituitary to Pituitary, i.e. both big toe reflexes.
  2. Pineal to Pineal
  3. Thyroid to Thyroid

Continue by linking one area to another for example:-

  1. Pituitary to Adrenals
  2. Thymus to Pancreas
  3. Adrenals to Ovaries

Work through as many of the Endocrine (hormonal) linking points to create an improved connection and flow.

  1. Include a chakra balance if possible. This can be a simple heel hold (base chakra balance) or a crown/ base balance technique.
    1. For the heel hold, gently cup your hands under both heels and ensure that you feel grounded (practitioners not client!).
    2. For the crown base balance, hold one finger on the crown chakra point at the top of the big toe (hallux) and one finger at the base chakra area (at the bottom of the spine on the medial aspect of the foot).
SR_ReflexInternals70_121_rgb300-with arrows
  1. There are generally high levels of stress for a lady if the menopause is very challenging for her. It is essential to do a very subtle and yet powerful solar plexus balance. Touch the solar plexus reflex area very gently with both (relaxed) thumbs; wait until you feel grounded and connected and then slowly sense when you can ease into the reflex points. Continue to sense and feel for the person’s “stop point” when they indicate at a minute vibrational level that you’ve reached their “stop point.” Never push past this subtle boundary layer, respect it, honor it and stay gentle before slowly withdrawing out again.
SR_Diag_Pos3_rgb300-with arrows

Fortunately a full, loving and connected treatment can make the world of difference and help someone progress into the following phase of life with more power, energy , focus and joy of life and living. Reflexology is certainly a great option for anyone who is having a tough time! All we hope is they they do come along and find out how good it is for them personally!

With love


Sue x